The windows software emulator, not more booze. Wine is not an Emulator, it seems. This was originally written in about 2011 when I tried to install NWN on my Mac (For more, see here….). As part of the rollforward from OSX 10.6, in 2013, I needed to rebuild the WINE implementation. I reorganised the wiki pages. There are several methods to install WINE, from source, using a package manager or using Wineskin, which I discuss on this wiki here. In March 2015, I added my notes on using Macports with WINE.


Installing WINE (2011)

After installing from source, I was advised to use macports version and did so. This is much easier. It was a three step process,

  1. Upgrade Xcode to the most recent version
  2. Install macports and porticus (this is quite big,)
  3. Use Porticus to install WINE

The order above is better than the one I did, which was to install macports & porticus, fail to download WINE because the Xcode version was wrong, and only then to upgrade the Xcode version. Porticus is quite big, if downloading this in the UK, you want a quick line and one with head room in the permitted download capacity.

Installing WINE 2013

As said, I had to rebuild the WINE installation in 2013, this is what I did.

  1. Install WINE using macports (see my Macports writeup for the bollocks)
  2. I was prompted for mono and installed it using port ‘port install mono’
  3. I was prompted for gecko which I installed by hand 🙁
  4. I installed winetricks using macports
  5. I used winetricks to install a number of dlls: vcrun2005, directx9, mono210, dotnet35spl. I couldn’t find the next d3dx libraries and gave up at this point.

My Research

Other wise known as other links.

delicious My WINE Links

8 thoughts on “WINE

  1. This a bit old; I found my notes somewhere else but I installed WINE on Elementary (Loki) using their Appcenter tool. (It comes with Wine Tricks).

  2. Had another look today, it’s coming on a lot! I found this about Wine on Ubuntu. I suppose I’ll tidy this up some time but I am pleased to see my delicious links seem to be working.

    Sadly, doesn’t work on it, which is why I had a look.

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