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This is my Labour Party Rules Page, I collect and mirror a number of resources related the Labour Party’s rules. It was first posted in Jan 2015 and it’s scope has been expanded. In the late winter of 2017/18, I introduced sub-headings to, I hope, make its use easier.  It deals with the Rules, the Social Media Code of Conduct, Data Protection, London Region Rules, the Collins Review, Standing Orders i.e. meeting procedure and the local LCF.


I have posted and try to maintain the most recent copy of the Labour Party Rule Book that I can find, this is also hidden in member’s net; this latter link requires a login and the search engines have difficulty in finding it.

I have also created a short name for the LP’s version, This copy of the rules is the 2018 rules, presumably authorised by lab17. Hover over the links to see the tool tips.  And here’s my old mirror of the 2017 rules just in case.

And now I need the 2016 version, enjoy!

Other Documents

NEC Terms of Reference

Includes the standing orders, posted and hosted at the Skwakbox, here …

Social Media Code of Conduct

I found the NEC’s new Social Media Code of Conduct, which was published on Labour List and have posted here, >> Labour Online Code of Conduct, my mirror is available via a short code: and I created a version from the text in the 2018 rules here …

Data Protection

I have now found the Data Protection guidelines  and form used to commit users to data protection policy

Chakrabarti Report

Here’s the  Chakrabarti Inquiry Report

London Region

I now have found the Party’s ,  London Region Rules dated 2016, which is the date of its last Conference.

Collins Review

And it seems you now need to read the Collins Review as part of the rules. My copy is behind the preceding hyperlink. I wonder if this is still true in 2016. If you want to go back beyond Collins, there’s the 2013 Rule Book.

Standing Orders

There is huge demand for the rules about the conduct of meetings; these are held in Chapter 15, here is a copy, LP Rules 2014 Meetings, Ch 15, as it says based on the 2014 version of the rules but I don’t think they’ve changed since then. Extracting Chapter 15 from the rules is not easy, I expect I’ll do it again some time.

Labour Group Standing Orders

Here are the Labour group model standing orders 2016

Lewisham LCF 2012

And now I have found the Lewisham LCF Rule Book dated 2012.


14 thoughts on “Labour’s Rule Book

  1. I have uploaded the 2014 version of the Meeting Standing Orders. I don’t think they’ve changed since then. In actual fact the LP only publish their rules in a very odd .pdf version; it makes mining and indexing them very hard.

    I wonder if diigo could be used?

  2. I have put tool tips on all the hyperlinks to ensure the page is easier to use. NB There are two copies of the rules, one link to my cache, one to membersnet should you prefer or need the LP’s hosted copy. The latter needs a login/password pair.

    The Collins Report is held in my web space.

  3. I have added subheadings to make finding stuff easier. I added the picture. There are some slight text changes to reflect the site’s age, for instance the need for the Collins Review text is less than it was.

  4. I added the 2016 rules, looking to see the old councillor selection rules in Appendix 4, and also added the Chakrabarti report.

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