Labour’s Rule Book

I have posted and try to maintain  the most recent copy of the Labour Party Rule Book  that I can find, this is also hidden in member’s net; this latter link requires a login and the search engines have difficulty in finding it.

I have also created a short name for the LP’s version, This copy of the rules is the 2017 rules, presumably authorised by lab16. Hover over the links to see the tool tips. 

And it seems you now need to read the Collins Review as part of the rules. My copy is behind the preceding hyperlink. I wonder if this is still true in 2016.

If you want to go back beyond Collins, there’s the 2013 Rule Book.

There is huge demand for the rules about the conduct of meetings; these are held in Chapter 15, here is a copy, LP Rules 2014 Meetings, Ch 15, as it says based on the 2014 version of the rules but I don’t think they’ve changed since then.


  1.  the most recent copy of the Labour Party Rule Book
  2. the Collins Review

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6 thoughts on “Labour’s Rule Book

  1. I have uploaded the 2014 version of the Meeting Standing Orders. I don’t think they’ve changed since then. In actual fact the LP only publish their rules in a very odd .pdf version; it makes mining and indexing them very hard.

    I wonder if diigo could be used?

  2. I have put tool tips on all the hyperlinks to ensure the page is easier to use. NB There are two copies of the rules, one link to my cache, one to membersnet should you prefer or need the LP’s hosted copy. The latter needs a login/password pair.

    The Collins Report is held in my web space.

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