YANF WordPress Instance

I have reason to set up another wordpress instance. Here are my notes.

I had a look at the themes available and for reasons of speed i.e. time to market and for reasons of aesthetics I chose Minnow again.

I have started with a couple of plugins, akismet of course but also

  1. https://bbpress.org/, a bulleting board wrapper
  2. New User Approve, there is a Register button on the login page, here is the plugin page
  3. WordPress Social Login/, supports the big three plus some others. Simple to install.
  4. Share Buttons by AddThis

I found this, but probably won’t use it, I think New User Approve and WordPress Social Login are a better solution.

I need a meta tag manager, add meta tags has gone, and I use Meta Tag Manager in one of the sites. Obvs I need to check which to replace it with.

Also potentially useful,

  1. How to declutter your wordpress website, a bunch of good ideas
  2. https://www.memberpress.com/membership-self-service-is-the-best-service/, this might be best investigated, it could be very powerful piece of self service software
  3. https://memberful.com/help/third-party-integrations/bbpress/, another member management plugin, integrated with BB Press.
  4. https://wordpress.org/plugins/import-users-from-csv/, allows copy from a spreadsheet as does, https://wordpress.org/plugins/members-import/




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