Xmas Dinner

I did promise when I started blogging that I wouldn’t do food and recipes, but my life has changed and I am about to cook a xmas dinner, again, here are my notes so I wont have to look them up next year; mostly timings!. …


  1. Potatoes ( 45m after par-boiling them)
  2. Chicken (35 – 40m) + 10/5 for the gravey
  3. Carrots (30 – 40m, after par-boiling them)
  4. Parsnips (40m, after par boiling them
  5. Garlic (about 40m in tin foil)
  6. Pigs in Blankets (30m)
  7. Bacon (15 min each side)
  8. Onions (25/30m)


  1. Sprouts (5 mins)

Bread Sauce

  1. Bread Sauce (20m + 5m for the Bread)

Plan the roasting trays, I didn’t have enough. Maybe I need a another boiling pan?

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