WordPress on 1and1

This is known as the 1and1 blog. Unlike their canned web site this cannot be be dicked around with. They have a bunch of themes, some of which are pretty cool.

On my blog site, this is available using the following two URLs.

To take control, one needs to study the comments at their wordpress FAQ This looks pretty comprehensive.

You need to create a MySQL database which needed a contract upgrade.

  1. Create a MySQL Database
  2. Create a subdomain and destination
  3. Upload the wp installation to the destination
  4. Create the database connection parameter file

Now to choose a new theme, and I need to discover how to copy my old blog entries to the new version of WordPress.

Moving Content from the old Blog

The new blog is at http://wpress.davelevy.info. Moving content between wordpress blogs is pretty simple; wordpress has an export and import functions however the 1and1 ‘canned’ blog is pretty old and the exported xml file needed some help.

On the advice of 1and1 support, I inserted the following line into the XML file


immediately after the language property in the channel section.

The categories do not come across as assigned to the articles. I may do this by hand.

PHP Versions

This is a parameter on the 1&1 Control Panel to set the PHP version. I set it to 5.2 on 19th Dec. 2012.

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