Twitter API V1.1 (Deprecated)

This post was written in 2013 and I discovered in May 2018 that most of the links failed. It’s been a while, and it surprises me that my little wiki has lasted longer than the resources I point to, but not here. I could have deleted this post, but chose not to; I have heavily edited it so it’s as much a diary as the technical note it once was.

I missed the announcement that Twitter were upgrading their API. I only discovered it when they ran their “test blackouts”. It has broken. This means my ‘mingle’, friend feed and hence facebook feeds are now without my twitter goodness. The rest of this post lists then contemporary resources to help rescue the feeds.


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2 thoughts on “Twitter API V1.1 (Deprecated)

  1. Amended today, most deleted, the title and tag list have had the word deprecated added. Basically too old to be useful.

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