Twitter API V1.1

I missed the announcement that Twitter were upgrading their API. I only discovered it when they ran their “test blackouts”. It has broken. This means my ‘mingle’, friend feed and hence facebook feeds are now without my twitter goodness. The rest of this post lists then contemporary resources to help rescue the feeds.

Here’s the announcement,  the overview page and its discussion thread, I think,

Here are two items from the site on retirement,

One of the features added with V1.1 is Embedded Timelines which seems optimised for posting tweets into an HTML document. Here are some notes on using CSS to control a widgets look and feel; an article called CSS: styling a Twitter widget.

Is this the library required to write a planet spider module for Twitter, python-twitter

Friend Feed now offer a twitter service, I have been using a custom RSS service which now seems to still work on an on-request basis, they have a help features on their contact page. I have dropped them a note to see what they have to say about the future, but they have lost google reader and youtube favourites.

Stack Over flow on Python/JSON tutorials.

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