Linksys WAG 54GS & Power Offs

Household Power Test

I tested the household power yesterday and turned the Gateway off for 2 hours.

Resetting Factory Defaults

When it came up the wireless wouldn’t work. So I rang Linksys and they talked me through resetting factory defaults.

For those of you following me, you must document your encapsulation and consequent parameters, your wireless settings and encryption passwords and any firewall ports that are open.

It seems that the reliability of a system boot after a sustained power down is not 100%.

Powering Down

I was recommended to power down the gateway by removing the power lead from the appliance. I assume using the switch on the wall plug is equally effective. Don’t use the power switch on the front of the box. This is a deeply flawed piece of UI design 🙁


Only marginally an FRPG, more a hack & slash.

Diablo II

The second version, Diablo’s back with multi-player fun. It offers a LAN connect over tcp/ip and a WAN connect via their server hosted worlds. Some of these were hacked in 2001, according to “The Register”.

This is now quite an old game, and it seems there are patches to be obtained. See the Diablo 2 Patch page. Alternatively, playing on their network automatically patches the game. Since I have two machines, I had only played Diablo Online on one of them, so the the other needed to be patched, which I did by downloading the patch and installing.

Playing on a Lan

Name Services

Open Tech Support .net says it doesn’t like dhcp. The desktops should not be dhcp clients. Oops they are! The Alienware seems to have been meddled with while away. I have used Windows to install a fixed ip address. I have ensured that I use the correct local addresses, it hangs while waiting to join. Now I need to try the internet address.

Do we need two disks?

According to Cheap Ass Gamer one should make a spawn copy. This works for LAN games, but not for connection to the Blizzard Server.

Network Appliance

This can muck things up. See the Diablo II networking site at, which has a good intro on the problems with of proxy servers. I have taken his advice and have enabled enabled port forwarding from my public internet address to the games host on ports 4000 an 6112-6119, TCP & UDP. Still not enough.

Apply the Patch

I needed the Version 1.12a patch to be applied to one of the games and that works fine. See the patch site above.

Keywords/Tags: “Diablo 2” LAN multiplayer home configure howto network

Dave, 23 May 2009.

I and Ben reconfigured the firewall and re-connected a game. The alienware acts as the host, and the dell joins the game using the public ip address as the connection address. Friends from outside the internet also managed to join the game, but couldn’t create a character because they didn’t have the expansion pack.

Dave, 23 May 2009.

It seems that the ‘guest’ can be a dhcp client. A truly remote system using dhcp for its address and gateway connected to a game host on our LAN today. We used Diablo II, without the expansion pack as the game platform on the Dell. The guest uses a different ISP to us and a different home hub technology. The guest was connected to its home hub using a wired connection. I repointed the firewall rules to the Dell.In order to get back to the previous configuration and play multiplayer on the LAN I may need to reinstall the expansion pack on the Dell. I should test if the expansion pack is available to other users. If so, then the firewall rules need to be repointed at the proposed game host. Otherwise the Expansion pack needs to be reinstalled.

Home Entertainment (TV)


The bulk of this snip was written in 2008, much has changed since, although I am still, annoyingly a Sky customer. I updated it in November 2013 when I upgraded the box for free.


I have just spoken to Sky who have offered to upgrade my skybox for free. So that’s good then. I will be getting a skyplus box with 500Gb of storage and a 12 month warranty. In addition I will be able to connect to sky’s non-satellite channels (catchup, on-demand and store) using the internet and my wifi network (this should be exclusively the return channel manager, although maybe some of the content is delivered over the internet). The network looks like this at the moment.  1 Dec 2013



I get Sky, the free-to-air reception is poor where I live and I need to improve my services.

The Living Room

I have rented TV and Video/DVD player, and a Skybox. (The DVD has now gone back, and the rental ownership facts are now wrong. We use a laptop and wifi to use catchup TV. I need to work this out. We can do better. Also, technically it seems we don’t rent the Skybox!)

my tv network

The (traditional) ariel on the chimney, is connected via a splitter box to the video receiver and the second TV set. There are three SCART cables, between the three boxes in the room, the TV, Skybox and DVD/VCR.

Some time ago the cable between the phone and the sky box was damaged and so became unusable. Later it was discovered that this damaged line caused significant degradation to the ADSL service and so was disconnected from the phone system. DFL 14 July 2013

The Opportunity

On the 22nd May, the remote control handset for the Skybox gave up. I tested it with three sets of batteries, so it could be the box. I have decided to try and replace the handset.

What else might we do?

I can consider ‘Freeview’ or ‘Freesat’. Freeview comes over the air, or via Sky. Boxclever state that the quality of the terrestrial digitil signal has probably been improved since we last tested it and costs about ?2.00 for a months rental for a Freeview box. Maybe we should try out the free-to-air Freeview service as a test. The minimum contract is one month, and if it worked it would solve the 2nd TV problem.

Freesat would require a new aerial, but is a retail purchase i.e. no subscriptions. It has more channels than Freeview and is claiming to be investing to increase them. No Channel 5, and no Deutsche Welle, but it does include Euronews. Freeview includes Sky News and One, Freesat does not.

Boxclever can’t rent us a Freesat box.

The BBC have a web page Digital TV without subscription that helps to understand the position.

I have no idea what this means for BT Vision, although they said last time I called that Freeview is a pre-requisite. If I propose to take a BT Vision service, I must rationalise my BT services and billing processes.