Streaming TV at home (ROKU)

I bought a ROKU stick, it’s pretty easy to start and make to work. It’s not clear from the web site, but you must open an account on their web site, agree their terms and conditions and lodge payment details with them; for buying extra I assume.  The BBC, ITV, All 4 and Demand 5 are free, there is a free NOW TV channel and access to all the big SVoD suppliers.

I live in Hampshire at the other end of a Super Broadband Plus line. It seemed to work earlier tonight.

Techradar review Now TV vs Sky here…. Looks like it can’t leverage a sky go contract.

The ROKU support page is here.

This is a more successful experience than the Raspberry Pi.


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2 thoughts on “Streaming TV at home (ROKU)

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  2. I got my ROKU stick working this afternoon and amended the page to reflect this and note that I have given up with the Pi Media server idea. I shall probably reconstruct the page to move most of the content to comments, one on browsers, and one on XBMC/Kodi.

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