SNOBs, a pseudo disintermediation page

For ex-students of St. Nicholas Grammar School, Northwood, its coeducational twin, St. Mary’s and their successor Haydon Comprehensive, I have found the following four reunion resources;

  •, which seems to have been started and colonised by people that attended St. Nick’s before me, late ’60 and early 70’s. In December, the web master of the SNOBS site stated they were abandoning it; I have created a mirror or archive as at that time, here…. Its colour scheme is of its time.
  • There is a facebook group, “St.Nicholas & St.Mary’s Grammar Schools (Northwood, Middlesex)” which has a broad age group of correspondents; it’s closed for some reason and you must login in to use the site.
  • There is a Friends Reunited page for the boy’s school, I haven’t researched the girls school or the co-educational successor. I expect FR requires a login, I used one, the school is known as “St Nicholas'”, and referred to as st-nicholas in the URLs. I think the URL’s are personal and so you’ll need to
  • There is a Yahoo Groups’ mail alias and micro site for the year of ’74 or ’72, the mail archive is here... It was spawned out of Friends Reunited and a manual email circle. It too, needs you to have logged in.


While looking to see how comprehensive this list was I found,, which is a bit geo-cities, and even more web 1.0 than the SNOBS site. It has a couple of useful links and pictures, including the one above.

There is a St. Nick’s Wikipedia page, which doesn’t add much.

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