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The BBC have got themselves a change in the law to charge a licence fee if you use internet devices to watch BBC’s on-demand and catch up content. This was originally written before I restated my No TV declaration. Their web site makes it clear that mobile devices are covered by any licence paid irrespective of the billing address.  Before discovering this, I was considering writing a browser extension to warn when accessing iplayer’s tv sub site, but I came to the conclusion that it will be better to program the hub to block the iplayer site. Here are my notes.

Home Hub

  1. ‘blocking a web site’ at BTCare

Browser Extensions

  1. How to develop a firefox extension at
  2. About Safari extensions at Apple

The Law

  1. BBC iPlayer ‘loophole’ to be closed soon, says culture secretary reported by …er!… the BBC
  2. Television licensing in the United Kingdom at wikipedia, which says that portable devices are covered for use anywhere by a licence at an other address. If so, I don’t need to do anything.

More Shite

  1. The Register reconstructs the Telegraph’s project fear piece on a new “Detector Van” technology which allegedly sniffs the encrypted Wi-Fi signals; they recommend using a Ethernet cable. (After paying the licence obviously).


Image Credit: Jessica C @flickr CC 2005 BY-NC-SA

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One thought on “Site Blocking

  1. Blocking the site via the Hub would provide evidence so that when I certify I don’t use iplayer that I am telling the truth, although there is some evidence, at wikipedia that mobile devices are covered by a licence delivered to an alternate delivery address, this is repeated on the TV Licensing web site as the reason “covered by another licence” is a valid reason for declaring that an address needs no licence. (Similar text was removed from the main article today.)

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