Second Life

Is this the future collaboration platform for the Internet, or another amazing waste of time.


This was a very sparsly occupied page, documenting laptop problems. I recreated this page on 23 July 2013 and I realise that this is no longer on my work’s laptop. I returned to this in December 2016 when considering using it as a platform for making videos since Xtranormal went tits up.

Much of my original engagement was through my then employer’s i.e. Sun Microsystems investment, resources and rooms. The were experimenting with using it as a marketing resource.

I developed an avatar, but Oracle have shit canned the Sun second life environment and I havn’t logged in since. Wonder if it’s still there?

My History

This hyperlink should find what I wrote on my old sun blog, now here,

And here is the client download page




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  1. Did I discuss the break through licensing, and maybe it should be part of the “Innovative Copyleft” blog article that I need to write.

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