Running LBA 2 under Dosbox

In order to run LBA 2, the PIF requires the following command

    -c "mount d: d:\ -t cdrom -lable lba2 -ioctl -usedcd 1 -fullscreen"
    -c "mount c c:\DOSe\lba2" 
    -c "C:" 
    -c "lba2" 
    -c "exit"

I have tried to get this to run in a .bat, but this works. Obviously the directory path will vary and the name of the CD path. See also dosbox for links to other LBA resources on the ‘net.

And for LBAHQ’s version of the original adventure

    -c "mount d: d:\ -t cdrom"
    -c "mount c c:\lba" 
    -c "C:" 
    -c "lba" 
    -c "exit"

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