Class War 1939-1945

I was pointed at this review of, Chris Bambery’s book The Second World War: A Marxist History (2014) which takes a different from normal view of the politics of the second world war; the story where the people’s of the last democracies in Europe united with the United States to fight its fascist blight. This blog article looks at the US financial contribution to the Allied war effort, the Tory Party, even Churchill’s, ambivalence in fighting fascism, and US Capitalism’s contribution to the fascist victory in Spain. The review is more comprehensive and the book would seem to be even more so.  For more here, see below/overleaf. … Continue reading “Class War 1939-1945”

Constitutionalism beyond Liberalism

I was challenged by Michael Wilkinson of the LSE on my interpretation of he importance of the Cherry/Miller ruling on the legality of the 2019 prorogue. Suggested or discovered reading, included a review of  a book he co-edited. My notes have lain around on my hard disk and I decided to tidy them up. Here are my notes and thoughts. From the reviews, I’d say the title is provocative but it might have a jargon meaning about which I am unclear. … Continue reading “Constitutionalism beyond Liberalism”

On Labour’s Left & Unity

The Labour’s Left have been badly beaten on the elections that have just taken place. Both Rebecca Long Bailey and Richard Burgon’s votes were disappointing and in the NEC bye-elections, the Progress/Labour First candidates won al three positions. Even the left’s leadership have come to the conclusion that things must change. Corbyn’s coalition is broken, a new one needs to be constructed, but it may not be possible. Here’s some reading to help me understand because, “All the King’s horses and all’ the King’s men” aren’t available.  Continue reading “On Labour’s Left & Unity”