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There’s only so many times one can play the official campaigns and after about 4 years I began to look for additional content. Obviously I have the Kingmaker Expansions, but for various reasons I decided to look further. Here are my notes, which consist of sections as follows,

The Vault | Hero’s Path | Character Creation | Some other ideas | Gibberlings 3| NWN Podcast | Transition to Hordes… | Community Expansion Pack | Persistent Worlds.

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Browsing the Vault

Bioware seeded a community site, http://nwvault.ign.com/. This has a login and profile, and a portfolio, which allows you to bookmark various resources, including portraits, hakpaks and modules. It is the site for all module publication.

The Vault has a number of recommendation tools, and I have found,

The Vault has a nearly made it page, called the Overlooked Module list.

Otherwise I have tried ad not finished

  • The Last Inn, by CoolLew. Written for children. See also The Last Inn on this site. Bugged!
  • I also tried Dweller in the Darkness which is well written about, but bugged as far as I can tell, the Witch in the Wood wouldn’t speak to me.

Hero’s Path

The Bioware Forums had a thread called, the Hero’s Path, a sticky in NWN Modules Discussion forum. The originator says,

The purpose of this list is to make it easier to find good mods for established characters or small groups of characters so that players may string together a series of adventures across multiple modules with the same character(s)

When I transferred this article from the Snipsnap bliki to here, it became clear that the Hero’s path’s home had been lost after the Bioware Forums’ hack. I found Berliad’s Blog, which pointed at the old Bioware forums, and started to look for a new location for the list, I found it, several years later; the new vault has recovered the thread, the Hero’s Path.

The list pointed at amongst others, renditions of famous PnP stories including the Giants Series and Descent to the Depths of the Earth, concluding with Queen of the Demonweb Pits. I have these linked in my vault portfolio. While following the the Hero’s Path at Bioware forums, I came across these two modules,

Character Creation

In order to play Journey of a 1000 miles, I needed a 12th level character and so found the Pretty Good Character Creator / Customizer (PGC3) powered by IGIPE and Boutique du Temps. used +PGCC to create a character for “Journey…”, I’ll let you know how awesome, the generated character is when I am done. I have also tried Boutique du Temps, which is very expensive! I also found The Lion’s Head Tavern, which has an Inn and a shop, where you can buy pretty much what you want, Armour, Weapons, Magic and more ordinary stuff. This pretty much allows you to create and equip a character for any adventure/module. (It may well be the basis of re-awakening my interest in the game).

Needs more on +PGCC, cep2.0, magic forge and item swapping and the portal

Some Other Ideas.

I also came across recommendations for the following NWN modules, I can’t remember where

  • Tales of a Mage, levels 1-5, arcane caster only and
  •  Resurrection Gone Wrong, which is claimed to be humorous, character levels 1 – 7, but sounds like a serious breach of the 4th wall and
  • The Aielund Saga

Gibberlings 3

There is a thread at g3.net called What are some of your favorite NWN modules?. It includes recommendations for the following.

  • Hex Coders, by Stefan Gagne, …modern civilization is one of prosperity and safety, with all magic legally controlled by a monolithic business called the Cathedral Corporation. As part of the underground magic movement known as the Hex Coders….
  • Elgio Eturnium, also by Stefan Gagne. It started out as such a simple quest… there you were, a bold adventurer, seeking a magic staff. There was an inn on the edge of nowhere, with a group of friendly locals willing to help… and then matters got more and more complicated, more horrific…

Ideas from the NWN Podcast

Some ideas have been generated by following the NWN Podcast. Those I have found include

HoU Cross-Over

HotU is meant to be played using your character from SoU, despite meeting the NPC’s from Neverwinter Nights. These two adventures are meant to help you obtain the additional levels between the end of SoU and the beginning of HoU. Shadohaunt which may even give you a narrative; the module is jolly well reviewed on the ‘vault’.

Community Expansion Pack

A bunch of enhancements on which several/many modules are based. There are two versions.

  • Version 2, CEP Version 2, the nwnvault page.
  • Version 1, this is the CEPv1 for NWN 1.68.

and the vault also has an HTML Index for the downloads, and a support forum for their products

Persistent Worlds

The Neverwinter Podcast was taken over by Realms of Trinity, an NWN2 persistent world publisher, who not unnaturally make the persistent worlds sound quite attractive

  • This one’s called Ansalon – The World of Krynn and is set in the Dra|gonlance world.
  • This one’s called the Higher Ground.

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