NWN Making new modules

I decided I wanted to author a module. So I found the obvious resources and links and started the tutorial, the Invasion of Fern. [Aurora Toolset Tutorial] I, of course, found some stuff to be missing. This page is my my how to code a module page. This article contains broken Bioware links and now broken Vault links.

See below for Shingles | Chickens | Links


These need to be made usable. Do they need their name changed?

which means that the description box will appear as is examined. The .mod file that accompanies the package has two flags one of which is automatically examined, the other which requires an action.

Boxes and Transformers

In order to build a transformer i.e. a box that you put things in and something else comes out, I would first need to work out how to place some crates with treasure in them.


I want to make a chicken a monster that can be killed and a treasure found, either some chicken meat, other meat if too hard and/or a diamond.



Copied accross in July 2013, the link to the Bioware hack entry was added and my local copy of the Toolkit Manual uploaded and added.

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