NWN Class Builds

This was last updated in 2007 in what was an unsuccessful attempt to re-ignite my interest in the game. It failed and I left it alone for a number of years. This snip originally collected some resources aimed at helping people take their characters through to level 40. These were mainly Bioware Community Resources and so are no longer easily available. The Epic Guilds recreated themselves at a new site. I need to rescue the links below, and what follows is the original content, now at least 7 years old. Dave July 2013


Class builds in NWN

This can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t know the rules. The game manual seems a bit light on stuff.

I have written about my Paladin/Fighter and the advice I found at elsewhere at this site.

I discovered a thread about an Elven Sorcerer/Paladin in the Bioware forums.

Epic Character Builds

One of the guilds at http://www.bioware.com is called Epic Character Builders where people publish their builds.

The have a couple of builds that make me curious, firstly some Bards

  • The Slashing Singer a Bard (16)/Fighter (14) and Shadowdancer (10).
  • The Eversinging Dragonbard, a Bard (20) /Fighter (10) /RDD (10).
  • The Sling Blade a Fighting Bard with a song by TyrTemplar, a Bard(21) /Fighter(4) /COT(15)
  • The Cursed Minstrel, a Bard (21)/Shifter (10)/Druid (9)
  • The original Court Jester, Rogue (16), Bard (11), Arcane Trickster (2), Shadowdancer (1)
  • The Court Jester V2, Bard (16), Arcane Trickster (8), Rogue (3), Swashbuckler (3)

and then a Paladin

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  1. There are a number of bioware forum pages which disappeared years ago. I have never repaired the links. I have unlinked the bioware links and deleted some text that referred to the site.

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