While installing docker, I decided I needed to write some notifications to ensure the configuration works. See Docker. I started with a TCL/TK script, which these days looks a bit old school, and writing the packer was (& remains) difficult. Virtualbox reports its status on Ubuntu via a very pretty interface, prettier than Apple script anyway, so I thought I’d have a lock.

The command is notify-send. This is part of the desktop, obviously not needed if running headless.

  1. – the man page
  2. – some examples
  3. – an ubuntu forums thread with some tips

It comes with some standard icons, somewhere in the /usr/share/icons directories, allegedly, I made myself a docker icon, .png 32×32 to decorate the message.


I found it on google, and replaced the white background with transparency. It’s not ideal, maybe I should find something better. Here’s a screen shot,


$ notify-send -i ${icon file, path and basename} "Docker Daemon" \
        "docker daemon is running"

I plan to put this in my .profile

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