mobile VNC

I got interested in VNC. I have some notes elsewhere in the wiki, when I built a vnc server for AWS, so I could use windows to manage the remote Linux box. This note was written when I was experimenting with playing PC games through a small screen/handheld device.

I am using Mocha VNC Lite on my ipodtouch with Real VNC as the server runing on Windows XP. I am using the Free Edition, which has a Real VNC Support page with a web mailing list. They should use

The PC’s logical screen is too large. Mocha advise that this is a server configuration issue. This thread called screen size at suggests its a client feature which needs a function button. (I think?) maybe I should try it on the PC/Server. Mocha say it is Server configuration issue. I can’t see the configuration widget that does this. I tried reducing the logical screen size but this is a systems wide configuration not per/user so no good.

Searching on ipod found a thread that points at

I reported on using it to view Second Life and NWN on my Sun, now Oracle Blog, which I have now republished on my companion blog.

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