Migrating to wordpress.com

Can I migrate my blogs to wordpress.com and save money? Here are my notes?


  1. WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  2. Moving from a Self-Hosted WordPress to WordPress.com
  3. Is WordPress Hosting Really That Important?
  4. How to Bulk Upload Files to the WordPress Media Library Using FTP

This is quite easy, see https://davelevyblog.wordpress.com/. The free version is of course burdened, but it has a lot of themes, but very few plugins. I wonder if I’ll miss them, but I’ll have to upgrade to avoid the adverts.

The code interpreter doesn’t work either. Maybe I should use images for the embedded tweets, but it’ll be a problem for the rss lists. Plugins need a business plan, which is more expensive. Also google tools are not available until business plan, which is over £20 p.m.

Here’s the link on their pricing, from free to £21 p.m.

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