Land Rover Freelander

I am considering buying a Land Rover Freelander 1, late issue with the TD4 engine. Need to do some research; here are my notes and links


I cam to the conclusion that its reliability reputation and the fact it was discontinued made this a poor choice.

A couple of Videos

Whoever did this loved it, and

Also Damiano Caschili speaks well of it for Top Gear

The problem areas seem to be,

  1. Ground Clearance, although opinion be divided, not for serious off roading, which we don’t do but a couple of our tracks are quite rutty
  2. Brakes & ABS, this should be OK it,s 4 wheel drive FFS
  3. Reliability, this is an old design test everything works
  4. One of the seat covers is torn

On the other hand

  1. Rear Door Hinge is on the side



Image Credit: PD

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