Hugo is a general-purpose website framework. Technically speaking, Hugo is a static site generator. Here are my notes …

My target is a static site on AWS/S3

Two lessons,

  1. On Ubuntu, don’t use apt-get, at least not on AWS. it’s very old and doesn’t work, use the release code and dpkg
  2. The review function is tightly bound to Best not use AWS as a dev. platform, unless you have a graphic desktop. I am now using virtual box.

Some Links

  1., describes how to install using the release packages & dpkg
  2. Can you run a hugo site from an ec2 instance? looks like you need to develop on VB or something and push to $HTML_ROOT. Is this done via git? Or cpio, both or either it would seem. cpio for intra-system, git between systems?
  3. The hugo program CLI documentation, here …
  4. This looks useful. It documents how to download all the themes, and how to make posts and pages, a photo gallery and points at some deployment tools.

The program call hugo, with or without the -t parameter generates the site which is held in a folder called ./public/, this can be the subject of your favourite copy command to relocate the site in you web server‘s html root directory.

Drafts & Public

I have created content using the hugo new posts command, this creates a .toml file with the meta data inc. the title and the post content. Content can be edited using your favourite editor, I used vi. I need to work out how to enclose images and hyperlinks at some stage. It also defaults to status draft = true. This can be changed by deleting the parameter line and regenrating the site i.e. running hugo -t $themename.

How to deploy

I found the following hard to find, How to deploy a Hugo Site?

  1. Build it using the instructions here …
  2. Ensure your content files are not draft = true.
  3. Run hugo -t $themename., which will create a ./public directory
  4. Copy the contents of the ./public directory to your html root directory.

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