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I finally got a git account. Most people, more recently seem to be there and the download interface is now much easier than sourceforge.

I have returned to it as part of my project to integrate my ello comments into my mingle.

These comments have been moved from the Planet Planet page and the comments there simplified. (They were written probably in 2011). They were written while installing Planet Venus for the first few times. I used git to install Venus, and plan to use it to update it. I found the following links useful, or ought to have,

To find these I did, a google “how to use git”, I also read the man page.

I moved this from in April 2018.

… I should check these pages out, &


2 thoughts on “git & github

  1. How to add a revision

    git clone $URL

    make the changes and test, include version control block

    git status
    git add {filename}
    git commit -m ‘commit message’
    git push # to update the master

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