Encrypting my Email

I am crawling towards encrypting my mail. I have adopted enigmail, a Thunderbird addon and use it to sign emails from the one Thunderbird instance in which I have it installed. It seemed sensible since I use it even on the Mac, but suddenly, I discover that as I now have access to a 1and1 SNMP server, Apple’s imail wizard now works and so I could use the prettier, or is it merely different imail client. Choices, choices! The rest of this post is a collection of links about enigmail or PGP on a Mac.

Here are the enigmail links,

  1. https://www.enigmail.net/documentation/quickstart-ch1.php
  2. https://www.enigmail.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=216


  1. http://www.imailserver.com/support/archive/imail/guide/2006/imail_server_wh/services_imail_imap4_settings.htm
  2. http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/115300/apple-mail-does-not-seem-to-connect-to-my-imap-server, obviously my repeated attempts to use BT Connect had confused the poor thing
  3. http://notes.jerzygangi.com/the-best-pgp-tutorial-for-mac-os-x-ever/,

Ideally I want one key and one signature.

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