D&D Minatures

Having cleared out nearly all my miniature models from Dungeons and Dragons & Warhammer, I was wondering about replacing some of them. Where to buy them and how to get them painted. Here are my notes. 

  1. A thread on D&D and Beyond, on sourcing the miniatures

I was looking for a Tabaxi Rogue, and there seems to be an obvious selection, which google finds easily, and on having them painted,

  1. http://www.golempaintingstudio.co.uk
  2. The white weasel miniature painting studio, perhaps more interested in warhammer armies
  3. http://www.whitewashstudio.co.uk, seems more open to limited numbers
  4. https://siegestudios.co.uk/services/painting/
  5. https://www.flgpaintstudio.com

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