I was thinking about DaaS and how to use RDP to access a modern desktop from my Tablet and my thoughts moved to Azure although I have not given up on AWS. Here’s the links and reading …

Basic Azure

  1. The Azure Portal, I have an azure account although it has no credits left from the course I took.
  2. It would seem I need a subscription.
  3. How to start a VM, not that hard and it comes with an rdp applet configured.
  4. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sambetts/2015/04/08/creating-a-cloud-workstation-with-azure/

A bit more

A piece on why Azure before Amazon

  1. Forget Amazon Workspaces – Build a DaaS in Microsoft Azure (or any Other Cloud)

So, lets

  1. Check on AWS, because I am faster.
  2. Open an new account on my main microsoft login
  3. check out how to make a desktop
  4. build one & run it.

This article “Amazon Web Services” is about how to build a personal consumer (Linux) AMI.

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