Consitituencies: Leave or Remain

One of the most important issues in the 2019 general elections will be Brexit; that’ why its been called. Polls are proving inaccurate so the only data we have is the 2016 Referendum which was counted and results released at Local Authority level. I am deeply interested in knowing how consitiuencies votes and I am not alone. Here are my notes.

  1. I found this site, which has a lot of data including presumably an estimated figure for leave/remain. It has a search engine for location.
  2. I am pointed at Chris Hanretty and his blog article on making these estimates. He published in a peer reviewed journal, JEPOP, and here is its landing page and abstract; it’s behind a pay wall. The blog article has three all constituency spreadsheets.

The image has been taken from the Independent, it has been cropped, and I have amended the colour representing Leave to the more usual yellow.

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