Class Wargames

I have been/am still reading Richard Barbrook’s book, “Class Wargames”. Among its many fascinating themes is his study of the collapse of democratic military forces into dictatorship.He name checks Napoleon, Toussaint Louverture & the Russian Revolution. I wonder why he didn’t start earlier with the English Civil War, it would seem to me to be another failure of a democratic military. To him, Guy Debord’s “Game of War” is critically important, partly because of the way it abstracts large elements of military conflict, but they adopted different rules, using miniatures for both the Haitian and Russian Civil War scenarios. How easy would it be to find or adapt some ECW rules? Here are my notes …

Some ECW Rules References

  1. ‘For King & Parliament’ English Civil War rules released, these are not free.
  2. Subject: ECW = WTF? Help this Ugly American decipher the English Civil War, a board game geeks thread
  3. Pike & Shot, a .pdf, ready to play, 11 pages
  4. Stephen Wylde’s ECW Blog, more about models rather than rules
  5. Richard pointed me at “Unhappy King Charles“.


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