Moving Contacts from a Tocco to Galaxy 6

I now have a Samsung Galaxy 6 and need to move forward from a Samsung Tocco. Fortunately, I have only the phone contacts to move forward, I used Kies to get them off to my laptop, make .vcf copies, then copy the .vcf files to a folder in the ./Downloads folder on the Galaxy device, using drag and drop, then use “Contacts -> Settings” to import the .vcf files.

Nokia Phones

Nokia x5800

In May 2011, just on my contract break point, I upgraded OVI suite on my PC which downloaded some configuration data to the phone. The upshot is that my e-mail no longer works. Any attempt to use e-mail invokes Nokia’s Mail Client which they want to charge for. However the second attempt worked and Mail is now working. I wrote a blog called Using Mail on a Nokia-Orange phone.

In September 2009, I got myself a Nokia x5800 on an Orange contract. I used it in a dilatory fashion until January when I decided I needed to get to grips with it after a several of stays at the Travelodge and a week in a flat without wifi. Progress was slow and I fell back to using it as a voice & text device.

The task list I set in Sept 2009, was to,

  1. Sort out Joikuspot
  2. Sort out the SMTP server
  3. Get an IM client that supports google talk, in background? Fring and it does function in the background, I now need to understand how my online status is represented when using the phone
  4. Turn off the safguard, took two calls but this is now done.
  5. Check out OVI and the store
  6. Get more pictures in the phone book

Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Maps, Joikuspot and Fring are good. Maps is good, easy to use, the proximity data seems crowdsourced and some locations I have been looking for is missing or of poor quality. When I started Nokia PC suite was amongst the best around.

The browser is slow and I wasn’t happy with the adult filtering that occured so I had it removed. There is no skype client. The menu structures are poor. Ovi Suite is a walled garden, so sharing address book data across multiple devices is hard.

Few of the big applications developers write for the S3 platform.

Google Calendar

How did I do the Gcal Sync?


The current client can support multiple mail accounts. Each account is bound to an “Access Point”. Currently this is named “Orange Internet”. The mail account needs to be bound to access point.


Once you find out where to enter the name of the smtp server, this is dead easy. There’s no SMTP security settings because Orange trust their network. The help desk was helful and knew what they were talking about.

  • Messaging -> Mail -> Options -> E-mail Settings -> Connection Settings -> Outgoing e-mail

The values are obvious, the Access point in use should be inherited from the incoming e-mail settings.

Nokia Messaging Client

The Nokia Messaging email client which was installed last year in 2010 when they offered me a 30 Free trial. Nokia expect to charge £5 p.m. for this ‘service’, which since I use a 3rd party mail provider, and a 3rd party ISP i.e. Orange, means they are charging me for software rental. (To put this in perspective, I paid 5 Euros for lifetime right to use of the Joikuspot binaries). I am not paying it. (I lived without phone mail for most of the contract and have reached the breakpoint in my contract.)


A chat client that supports Google Talk and more. It runs in the background, I now need to understand how my online status is represented when using the phone.


Downloaded, needs to be configured, I was waiting for safeguard to be turned off since several of the ipodtouch apps needed access to what Orange considers ‘adult’ content. See >>Internet on the move, where I discuss Orange’s somewhat odd views on the subject. Anyway, I am now waiting for time and need to get back to this. The Joikuspot manual is fine. I now have it configured for private/authenticated use.


The wallpaper images need to be 360×640, the easiest way is to view it using the Gallery and then use Options – Use Image – Wallpaper.

Voyager UI

Some people feel that the standard Symbian UI is not as good as its competitors and offer an alternative via the store, called Voyager. I have tried but need to do so when I have more time as the phone call shortcuts disappear from the front page, which is not what I want.


On the Reunion Barge trip, I discovered that the Maps Plazer will now share on twitter. The maps app is prertty good. I think I prefer it to Google Maps on Android.


I have my favourites from my music collection, but have never used it to play music. This is of course the reason some get this machine, but it wasn’t mine.

I upgraded OVI suite on the PC earlier today and it has transformed my mail account to an Orange mail account. Interesting! And not wanted. I’ll need to ring Orange, and see what they say. Shame; I’d had a good week with the phone on the boat, the Map app has improved and I was using the phone to read my mails and even used the browser a couple of times. 31 May 2011

Nokia (& I) installed the mail client and they offered me a 30 day free trial in 2010. I wasn’t prepared to pay £5 p.m. for software rental, and still aren’t. I fell back to using the S3 mail pull client. The May 2011 makes this impossible, although there is an ‘Orange’ mail account. Is this an Ofcom issue?


I can get one of the following phones

It seems the company don’t use Sony anymore. 14th Oct 2008. Time to move on, and I have now got a Nokia E71 Phone to replace the Sony Ericsson K610i that I have been using for the last couple of years.

I got the E71 and didn’t like it. The keyboard buttons were too small and Vodafone’s 3G coverage was too weak at home. 25th Apr 2009


Getting Started with the E71

The PC Suite installer software checks out if there’s an update and runs on Vista 64, although it installs into the Program Files (x86) folder.

Twitter still finds the phone after moving the SIM

Copying my contacts

Getting the contacts from the Sony into the Nokia was much easier than the other way round, since Nokia now use the Windows Address book or Contact Manager.

  • Sync the Sony with a laptop using their phone software
  • Don’t copy from the SIM to the address book when asked
  • Use PC Suite Sync not Contact Manager to copy from the laptop to the phone

Screen Size

  • 320 x 240 px

Video Format Conversion for SONY formats

I took a lot of Video on the DE HQ Reunion Barge trip on a Sony Handycam and want to create a single video show for the holiday. I have done this before using the Sony Cybershot and the Mac’s slide show software to create a video of images.

To include the Sony Videos, I’ll need to convert the Sony format videos to .MP4 or something.

The Handy CAM

It needs to be on, connected via a USB cable and set to USB connect using the Handycam control panel.


The Handycam manual is online, (where?), I need a link to Sony’s PMB (Picture Motion Browser). These links are also helpful,

I used Handbrake


I finally succumbed.  I have blogged about why I sucumbed here, and about Yahoo dropping it here.

They launched the Q&Z10’s a while ago, seens that it’s half android and that you don’t get the same global tariff. At least not from T-Mobile, so bad news on the data rates. 19 June 2013

Techradar reviewed it here…. I need another review on BB’s long term viability. There’s talk about leveraging the netwirk and BBM as consumer offers to leverage hardware sales, or not. Really need to get to grips with it I say really, maybe not.

In a letter to someone, I said,

I have been looking at replacing my BB Torch 9380, it’s both full screen and keys. I replaced an Android machine with it because I was traveling in Europe and my priorities were cheap wireless access for my laptop, voice and office automation, (mail and calendar). The [ZQ]10, at least those offered by T-Mobile in the UK have put the *10 onto similar data plans as their competitors so that’s priority No. 1 up the shute.  So I shan’t be upgrading; my transition to my personal device, which remains a full on Android machine continues apace driven by feedly which is awesome. It’s also not available on BB. This seems another evidence point for your argument that carrier competition impacts/controls the handset wars. Also, that while BB have adopted/half-adopted Android, they are not getting the advantage of the full app store.

Blackberry Word was not good for Torch OS 6.* users. There is a thread in which I contributed at Blackberry’s support forums. The symptom was that the App World Icon disappeared. 29 July 2012

Using it as a Modem

Connect to the Internet with your PC. Install the desktop software; you need to be connected to the internet.

This can be a problem, it’s a bit of chicken and egg situation, I need my phone to connect to the internet….I need the internet to use my phone to connect.

These days, when the desktop manager starts it takes an age to connect to the device; this could be just Vista crapness but then Tools -> “Start Mobile Internet” starts a Dial Up agent, with T-Mobile in the UK it populates the DUN parameters and then connects you to the internet.

There’s a fair amount on the internet, just google it.

DFL 10 Feb 2011

Ipod Touch

I brought this page across from my old blog in June 2013. Much of the content is out of date and relates to my early use. This changed over time and became irrelevant, and so I deleted much of the content in June 2013.

I have finally bought an Ipod Touch. Oct 2008. Since I actually want the music player and the Wifi only doesn’t seem such a constraint, particularly as mobile phones become capable of acting as gateways. I then took it to the States where wireless is a bit/lot more common. (By 2010, I had a Nokia mobile phone which I occasionally used to connect the ipod touch to the internet. Today, of course, I use the phone as a single device and have given the ipod touch away.)

Location Services for the Ipod Touch

A number of the apps need to know where you are and most home hubs do not come configured with this. The ipodtouch uses a service called Skyhook. I originally wrote about this on my old Sun Blog in an article called You’d think I know where I am when at home, and again here, in March 2010 on the BT Home Hub page; I couldn’t find it via Google on the Blog. The How to is on the blog and the BT Home Hub page, where I said,

The Apples use a service called Skyhook, and you submit your details at their submission form. You no longer need to calculate your Lon/Lat as they have a map-app that does this for you. You need to find your MAC address, which with the BT Home Hub is one the Wireless Configuration page.

The need to use both the ipod touch and the hub is why I documented it on the Home Hub page.

Sony v600i

Basically almost back to where I was with my previous Nokia, so now its time to try and make progress.

About the Phone

I have found club sonyericsson, a community site so lets see if they can help. The have a specific thread about the V600i, which states that it is a badge engineered K600.

Hands Free & Voice Control

I posted a question to Civic Type-R owners about hands free in the car. I discovered that voice controled dialing with bluetooth requires the correct earpiece or it doesn’t work.

Instant Messenger

I have logged into this, but can’t see how to browse my community. I rang Vodafone who claim to know nothing. This is why I have found the club sonyericsson site. Lets see if they can help.

I spoke to Olaf Schnapauff, who said he reckoned it was a closed community and that you’d need a gateway to have it participate in my multi-protocol community. He recommended looking at Yamigo and Shape. The first offers the software for free (I think) and the second doesn’t.

Luis Camino at club sonyericsson started a thread re MSN Messenger Client.


I have just tuned the radio into BBC Radio 1,2,3,4, 86.4 the Eagle aka Radio Guildford and Classic FM. I need to discover if and how to tune into Radio 5 & 7, on non-FM channels. Can this be done?

Mailing Flickr

Another thing that ought to work, but seems not to. Flickr needs mail, not MMS and the phone’s mail client doesn’t seem to have a attach function. Bother!

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Sony K610i

I have replaced my V600i mobile phone with a K610i from Vodafone.

Vodafone remains my network provider and we’ll see how useful, clubsonyerisson remains over time.

Sony Ericsson have published an official K610i Support Page and have published their version of the user manual on their support site. They also have a developer site.

Web Browser

I wanted to avoid downloading files to use while on the road. I created among other pages a page with a google map of New Cross. I set up web pages at to point at this page and the original;google map. Unfortunately the browser on the phone won’t take the map because of its size and the bliki page probably because of the iframe. Some experiments in writing, or nor, mobile opitimised web pages. This didn’t work well.


When configuring an e-mail account for use with, the user name needs to known but does not include the string.  I have just discovered that the e-mail client will connect to more than one IMAP server, but it seems that it’ll only mail out (SMTP) using my network providers account.

3G Data Services

I finally configured the laptop to use the mobile as a modem using 3G. This is quite simple really. It is written up in detail on my blog, one of the laptop diaries series, onto the internet with 3G. After using an alternative XP build, I revised the instructions in an article called More Bluetooth on my blog. The process is

  • Add a bluetooth modem device.
  • Add a dial up agent and mount it on the modem

If using the Windows XP bluetooth drivers, you must use the following code instead of a phone number


The number 3 has to agree with the position of ‘contract internet’ in the ‘Data Accounts’ list, which can be found in the Data comm menu, in the Connectivity menu, in Settings. I assume this piece of the configuration is specific to the vodafone implementation of the software.

If using the Toshiba drivers the default phone number works.

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I got this working the other week, with my workplace calendar. It is a Sun iplanet calender server, or whatever we’re calling today. Truly useful, but its only bi-directional. I need to see if one can set the privacy flag on the phone client, otherwise my work colleagues might be finding out more about my life than they want.

There are some syntactic issues around All Day events. They don’t seem to count the day as the same set of minutes.

There are some issues on repeated events.

It seems that placing a reminder on the phone event copies back to the server and both alerts i.e. the server default action occur. This needs further testing.

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RSS Reader

This doesn’t seem to be working, which is a nuisance. I have written up the state of my findings at this thread at clubsonyericsson. It looks to me like Sun & Vodafone have disabled the RSS Reader. It’s Vodafone, they obviously don’t want all that RSS running over their lovely network.

Good things

The screen might be a tiny bit bigger, I am not sure, but many displays now use a larger font.

The buttons are not so close together, nor so violently bevelled. The are thus easier for larger hands.

It makes phone calls.

Bad things

Speaker is poor and drains the battery.

Honda Radios

Responding to the Code prompt.

Honda Radios have a protection code. They hold this in a volatile RAM i.e. it needs power to retain this information and it loses the code when changing the battery unless you follow Digger’s advice.

Less driven people will need to find the code and use the preset number buttons to enter the code. The following sites will help. The Honda Civic Type-R owners site who have a thread called Radio Code Help, although you may need to login in to read it. I also found Edmund’s Car Space helpful.

See also google:honda radio code

Obviously not the only people to suffer from this problem.

The code is issued on a white card, which is often located in the glove compartment or best kept with the car’s documentation and manuals.

Edit 26 Jun 20007 A friend, i.e. Mike Ramchand claims to have traded his car in order to avoid buying a new code, although it was a Peugot, not a Honda.


I think I was experimenting with passing the tags to technorati, which is why the code below exists.

experimental tags: <a rel=”tag” href=””>”Honda Radio”</a>

well that didn’t work, I’ll have to check up the snip snap syntax page,