British Higher Education

Decline & Fall

In Feb 2007, a manifesto/biography entitled Decline and Fall of the British University appeared on the internet but its host site disappeared pretty quickly. The Google cache has also expired now.

It was signed by Mark Tarver, who argues that the expansion of student numbers and the increased and payment of tuition fees has led to a reduction in educational quality as ‘hard’ subjects can’t attract the students to warrant the teaching and the funders collude to ensure increasing pass rates, for in the governments case, political gain, and in the student/parent’s case economic gain. It was also blogged by Scatman Dan, on his blog under the same title.

Tarver’s article is back online, probably has been for a while. 17th July 2009

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  1. Nearly four years later, one General Election and the trebling of tuition fees later; wonder how they feel.

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