Having posted my copy of the snipsnap .tgz package and thinking about a presentation I was planing to do on privacy and copy right I began to investigate Bittorrent. The Pirate Bay trial is going on at the moment and the peer-to-peer nature of bt appeals to many libertarians.

I have downloaded and installed Bit Torrent from the, downloads page.

I tested it using Open Office which has a bit torrent distribution page. This has downloaded and seeded. I need to check if it requires firewall configuration to participate in a feed.

Ubuntu has both bittorrent and bittornado as packages.

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To Do

Can I install a version on Linux, can I make my qube a seed server, or even

It looks fairly simple to create the .torrent file. I expect I can use my web version as the internet seed and a public tracker

What are my Firewall implications?

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  1. I removed some dead links. My qube is dead and I do not have sufficient admin rights on, so I need another answer if I want to persist with this.

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