BG1: Installing

21st Century Install

This is not as easy as it once was. The reasons for installing BG1 have changed with the advent of BG1 NPC Mod, which requires BGtutu and the Dudleyville fixes.

My Goal

I want to play BG1 NPC Mod and MP. So I need tutu.

  • The Baldur’s Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast installation disks
  • BGtutu , this needs a file system policy
  • The BG1 NPC Mod. which is available here…

The basis of the file system policy needs to be based on the contents of this thread “True need of two installations!” and this forum “BG1Tutu General” at Pocket Plane Group. G3 also have the Multi Install Tool Mod which is further documented in this thread “Discussion: Multiple BG2 Installations”.

Other Links

What I did

  • Install BG2 + TOB + Bladurdash on the Aurora
  • Install BG1 and ToSC on the Aurora

While tidying up

I found BG2Filesystems, on backing up a good BG folder config

To do next

I shall next

  • look for the portrait file enhancements I used for BG1 and
  • install BG1 on the other computer
  • clean up my BG2 install on the other computer
  • get hold of Gatekeeper

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