I stayed there at the end of the summer 2005. We stayed at the art’otel mitte im Mitte and visited the centre of Berlin with a quick trip to the Museum of Berlin on the Ku’f’dam. I have posted my pictures at Berlin set in flickr. One of them is below. I returned on business in 2007.


eur500Germany now uses the Euro (EUR). You can use the Currency Converter by, the Currency Site.


I have also created a list at using the tags hotel+berlin

The map (see below) now has a bunch of hotels placed upon it, in both East & West Berlin, some came from a BA flight magazine, some just from looking for places to go, and/or the Rough Guide


Homeaway, a flat listing site (2013), and one particular flat complex in Schoenberg


Also checkout out my using the tags Berlin+Restaurant

I am told that next time I should visit Savigny Platz which also has a huge number of restaurants.

My Map

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Things to do

– Lots left undone!

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