Auto-translating a web page

I am going to re-purpose At the moment it is set up for some experimentation with and translation buttons. The stylist implementation just involved capturing some of the bullet item i.e. list item within a class name, so that the local stylist rules could be applied. I was looking at Stylist because the of the Neverwinter Vault but that’s gone now.

Here is code to implement a page translation to French by Google Translate

<A HREF=""
   TITLE="Français, la traduction par Google">
       <IMG SRC="images/fr.png" ALT="France:" 
        WIDTH="16" HEIGHT="11" BORDER="0">

And Babelfish does Italian, ….

<A HREF=""
     TITLE="Italiano, traduzione da babelfish">
     <IMG SRC="images/it.png"
          ALT="Italian" WIDTH="16" HEIGHT="11" BORDER="0">

Babelfish’s website, that I use has gone away and the web site interface is too hard to find, however here’s the implementation of the old test site code, the Italian one don’t work. However this code could be implemented in the footer of single.php.

Translate: English France: German Italian


NB I have not implemented the above code as a list, not applied any CSS to it. I am using default placement and the IMG properties.

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