N3200pro and SMB v1

It seems I have not stated that I acquired a THECUS N3200Pro a couple of years ago. I have been using it happily since then, but today, my W10 system upgraded to SMB 2 and my connections failed. Here’s my notes ….

I upgraded the firmware in the hope that the system would upgrade but it din’t work. Not only that but the ntp connection which is essential, the box’s clock is shite, failed. This problem looks to have been a DNS problem so I specified the Hub as a gateway and DNS server and that seems to work.

Here’s what MS have to say about SMB v1, I turned the NAS drive’s FTP server on and connect using that and FileZilla. I checked out the command line arguments, again.

The ftp service won’t allow uploads i.e. writes, I muck around with TLS and non-anonymous login, but eventually decide to install smb v1.

I used these instructions.

I was still bugged by not solving it using ftp, and so I went to the Thecus site and found these articles

  1. FAQs for ftps
  2. Secure FTP (Explicit) encryption & SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  3. FTP user’s home
  4. How to map a Thecus NAS folder to Windows: Samba, Windows File Manager, and ACL Public-NonPublic-ACL-SAMBA-OS6





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