Nokia Phones

Nokia x5800

In May 2011, just on my contract break point, I upgraded OVI suite on my PC which downloaded some configuration data to the phone. The upshot is that my e-mail no longer works. Any attempt to use e-mail invokes Nokia’s Mail Client which they want to charge for. However the second attempt worked and Mail is now working. I wrote a blog called Using Mail on a Nokia-Orange phone.

In September 2009, I got myself a Nokia x5800 on an Orange contract. I used it in a dilatory fashion until January when I decided I needed to get to grips with it after a several of stays at the Travelodge and a week in a flat without wifi. Progress was slow and I fell back to using it as a voice & text device.

The task list I set in Sept 2009, was to,

  1. Sort out Joikuspot
  2. Sort out the SMTP server
  3. Get an IM client that supports google talk, in background? Fring and it does function in the background, I now need to understand how my online status is represented when using the phone
  4. Turn off the safguard, took two calls but this is now done.
  5. Check out OVI and the store
  6. Get more pictures in the phone book

Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Maps, Joikuspot and Fring are good. Maps is good, easy to use, the proximity data seems crowdsourced and some locations I have been looking for is missing or of poor quality. When I started Nokia PC suite was amongst the best around.

The browser is slow and I wasn’t happy with the adult filtering that occured so I had it removed. There is no skype client. The menu structures are poor. Ovi Suite is a walled garden, so sharing address book data across multiple devices is hard.

Few of the big applications developers write for the S3 platform.

Google Calendar

How did I do the Gcal Sync?


The current client can support multiple mail accounts. Each account is bound to an “Access Point”. Currently this is named “Orange Internet”. The mail account needs to be bound to access point.


Once you find out where to enter the name of the smtp server, this is dead easy. There’s no SMTP security settings because Orange trust their network. The help desk was helful and knew what they were talking about.

  • Messaging -> Mail -> Options -> E-mail Settings -> Connection Settings -> Outgoing e-mail

The values are obvious, the Access point in use should be inherited from the incoming e-mail settings.

Nokia Messaging Client

The Nokia Messaging email client which was installed last year in 2010 when they offered me a 30 Free trial. Nokia expect to charge £5 p.m. for this ‘service’, which since I use a 3rd party mail provider, and a 3rd party ISP i.e. Orange, means they are charging me for software rental. (To put this in perspective, I paid 5 Euros for lifetime right to use of the Joikuspot binaries). I am not paying it. (I lived without phone mail for most of the contract and have reached the breakpoint in my contract.)


A chat client that supports Google Talk and more. It runs in the background, I now need to understand how my online status is represented when using the phone.


Downloaded, needs to be configured, I was waiting for safeguard to be turned off since several of the ipodtouch apps needed access to what Orange considers ‘adult’ content. See Internet on the move, where I discuss Orange’s somewhat odd views on the subject. Anyway, I am now waiting for time and need to get back to this. The Joikuspot manual is fine. I now have it configured for private/authenticated use.


The wallpaper images need to be 360×640, the easiest way is to view it using the Gallery and then use Options – Use Image – Wallpaper.

Voyager UI

Some people feel that the standard Symbian UI is not as good as its competitors and offer an alternative via the store, called Voyager. I have tried but need to do so when I have more time as the phone call shortcuts disappear from the front page, which is not what I want.


On the Reunion Barge trip, I discovered that the Maps Plazer will now share on twitter. The maps app is prertty good. I think I prefer it to Google Maps on Android.


I have my favourites from my music collection, but have never used it to play music. This is of course the reason some get this machine, but it wasn’t mine.

I upgraded OVI suite on the PC earlier today and it has transformed my mail account to an Orange mail account. Interesting! And not wanted. I’ll need to ring Orange, and see what they say. Shame; I’d had a good week with the phone on the boat, the Map app has improved and I was using the phone to read my mails and even used the browser a couple of times. 31 May 2011

Nokia (& I) installed the mail client and they offered me a 30 day free trial in 2010. I wasn’t prepared to pay £5 p.m. for software rental, and still aren’t. I fell back to using the S3 mail pull client. The May 2011 makes this impossible, although there is an ‘Orange’ mail account. Is this an Ofcom issue?


I can get one of the following phones

  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia E71 or
  • Nokia E66

It seems the company don’t use Sony anymore. 14th Oct 2008. Time to move on, and I have now got a Nokia E71 Phone to replace the Sony Ericsson K610i that I have been using for the last couple of years.

I got the E71 and didn’t like it. The keyboard buttons were too small and Vodafone’s 3G coverage was too weak at home. 25th Apr 2009


Getting Started with the E71

The PC Suite installer software checks out if there’s an update and runs on Vista 64, although it installs into the Program Files (x86) folder.

Twitter still finds the phone after moving the SIM

Copying my contacts

Getting the contacts from the Sony into the Nokia was much easier than the other way round, since Nokia now use the Windows Address book or Contact Manager.

  • Sync the Sony with a laptop using their phone software
  • Don’t copy from the SIM to the address book when asked
  • Use PC Suite Sync not Contact Manager to copy from the laptop to the phone

Screen Size

  • 320 x 240 px

Video Format Conversion for SONY formats

I took a lot of Video on the DE HQ Reunion Barge trip on a Sony Handycam and want to create a single video show for the holiday. I have done this before using the Sony Cybershot and the Mac’s slide show software to create a video of images.

To include the Sony Videos, I’ll need to convert the Sony format videos to .MP4 or something.

The Handy CAM

It needs to be on, connected via a USB cable and set to USB connect using the Handycam control panel.


The Handycam manual is online, (where?), I need a link to Sony’s PMB (Picture Motion Browser). These links are also helpful,

I used Handbrake


About my Garden


Two lines of potatoes in the left bed 23 Apr 2017

Another line of potatoes in the right bed, corn & beans in the left bed above the fire 16 Apr 2017

Four drills of carrots in the middle bed. Right bed, beyond the Strawberries, more Onions, white, red, red, and the first potatoes. 2 Apr 2017

Onions are in. Middle bed, from Garlic to fence, white, white, red, shallots. 26 Mar 2017

Garlic is in. Middle bed, from wall to fence, Picardy, Spring, Mersey, Mersey. 19 Mar 2017


Spring Cabbages
Winter Cabbage
  1., planted a bit later, may survive the slugs
Other winter vegetables
  1., planting in Autumn
  2. Winter Onions, plant in the Autumn

Stringing and Storing Garlic

Or this page at rural gardener, and , and here’s an alternative way from youtube.


I have been shopping at country market; and picked up some leaflets

  1. Slug resistant plants


I moved in October 2015, so a new garden, the focus will now be on the allotment.

The “for dummies” have got into it, here’s two references from them. They may help at the house.

  1. The essentials of how to plan a garden
  2. Choosing a garden theme series

At the allotment there’s a lot of nettles, I might get a sickle, there is one for Sale at “my allotment plot”

  1. Ginger Part Deux, see
  2. Late Vegetable Plantings , parsnips, carrots, cauliflower and cabbage
  3. 10 best herbs grow containers


Ginger would be fun, but indoors or green house needed, again; advice is to buy root from specialist food shop. The guardian writes about it here.


I put some Fennel in two weeks ago, the slugs have had one, so I put down some pellets; we’ll see. Perhaps it needs to go in earlier to beat the slugs, but I don’t think you can. Also got bollocked for using the pellets. 5 August 2013

Meuvens wrote last week and among other things offered some bluebell bulbs for delivery in September to November; they need planting dry in the Autumn. Over the last two weekend’s I have been down the Garden Centre for inspiration, most of this is for next year now. Although I bought two agapanthus plants. I reckon one of these wooden planters and two of the trellis below would be good for salads and beans and sweet peas. 4 August 2013

 woodenplanter  trellis

Some plants took my fancy, some Red Hot Pokers, Kniphofgia, Verbenia and some Veronicium Fascinatrium. What is that black leaved bush we have in the back bed? 4 August 2013

The planter is out of control, the rosemary and curry plants need replacing. 6 July 2013


I need to keep this up to date, but some ideas from last weekend

  • Put some trellis/spires in for the sweet peas and beans
  • Weed the trumpet plants and the edges, some of the grass clover has invaded the bed
  • Cut back the Rosemary, Lavender, Curry Plants & Planters
  • Scatter the Lavender, Alium and Garlic Seeds
  • Get some more Garlic Bulbs and sow
  • Plan something behind the trees
  • Cut back the planters and gibbet plants, especially the new clematis


This web site was unavailable during the summer of 2010, and it wasn’t a good year for my gardening.

This year I bought a new cover for the green house and had a go at some Corn (again), Basil (risky), Marmande & Cosutoluto Fiorentino tomatos and some Chilli’s including Lombardo, all from seed.The Corn and Basil are coming though, the others are not, probably because of the age of the seeds. I originally brought them from Gardening Express, and its almost certainly caused by the age of the seeds and my storage technique. I have a couple of Apache Chilli plants which are surving, but the Jalepeno died of thirst in the greenhouse. Perhaps I’ll try next year!

I put in some Field Scabious and if I start earlier next year I should consider some more flowers. There are some great blue cornflowers in the street on the way to the bus stop and I tried some bluebells, which should be a weed, but we’ll see, they might be something best started from seed.

I tried to seed some english meadow,and fancy grasses under the trees.

I need to prune the black leafed shrub & the pieris in the autumn.

Maybe I should try some raspberries in the back (sunny) corner.


26th May 2009

Last Summer, the Rosemary was attacked by somehting leaving white spittle on some of the branches, these then browned and died, and the grass in the planter doesn’t look that healthy either. I checked on Google and got the following links

I used a google on words, “rosemary blight plant spit”, but maybe should have tried pest.


Hitachi Travelstar disk,

Dan’s Dell Inspiron has a Hitachi Travelstar disk. Given that the computer won’t boot, it’s a bit tricky to recover the data.

I have inserted an Ubuntu Live CD into the CD player, and it still won’t boot. I have plugged an external screen into the VGA port, no go.


  • Do we need to fix the computer before we can recover the disk? Disking say they can read the disk and cut a DVD for us.


  • My colleague, Jim Barrett has lent me Magic Bridge II which is pretty awesome. I have recovered Danny’s disk, now onto Sue’s.



It seems that USB to disk adapters are more common than I thought, I have added the Newertech and IOMEGA links to this page today. DFL 20 May 2011

HTML Slide Shows

I wanted to create a scrolling picture show as a banner on all the pages in a micro site. Many sites use this for their front page decoration. I didn’t want to use animated gif because of the age of the technology.It’s obviously becoming easier. Basic Tips below, shows how to use the HTML META tag with http-equiv=”refresh”attribute set.

How to do it

The example asks the user to start the slide show, I didn’t want this. I create a bunch of slides as .htm[l] pages. Each slide page contains only the picture, and the meta tag, although a title and other meta data is probably a good idea.

<TITLE>some title</TITLE>
<!------  This page is an image container and URL ------->
<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="8;url=ss2.html"> 
<IMG SRC="picx/dlr-postbox.png" ALT="DLR" WIDTH="1024" HEIGHT="102" BORDER="0"> 

Each page points at the next page and has a time period defined in seconds. I, then implemented the slide show host page within an IFRAME.


That’s it! The default margins don’t seem to be 0, so they need to be set. The frame is used to ensure that the image is displayed on the host page load.

Planet (Venus) Themes (CSS)

I use Sam Ruby’s Planet Venus. The package comes with two themes, I have always rather liked the ‘Fancy’ theme. This article was finished in May 2011, and talks about the css required to amend a planet output page in HTML/CSS. It was written for my planet G3 feed which was a G3 RSS repeater. It may just be a useful source for those who wish to create new themes. (I shall be doing this in March/April 2015 as I develop the refresh of Continue reading “Planet (Venus) Themes (CSS)”

Discovering Linux ‘Distro’ Facts

I am building out parts of the Citihub web site monitoring solution using Zabbix and have decided that I need a User Procedure to report certain distro facts since we seem to be using whatever OS the solution author feels like. (We have several Linux distros within the web site. Zabbix comes with a number of agents which report certain static facts about the systems being monitored, and these have been the inspiration for this piece of work.

I have written a program (shell script) that browses and parses /etc/*-release. It has been tested for RHES, SUSE, Fedora and Ubuntu 10. It ends with status 0 if it works OK and 1 for a universal error i.e. if it cannot detect and parse the *-release files. It replies status 10 if neither lsb-release nor system-release files are present, and status 255 if it is not Linux. I put this program in /usr/local/bin.

This page, called Find out my Linux distribution name and version at was very useful and documented the use of the /etc/*-release files.

I wrote a script called showdistro which works on a bunch of distros with varying verboseness.



Rental Rates, Week to Month conversion

Value by Week & Month conversions

When looking at property rental some vendors offer a weekly price, and others a monthly price, this table allows conversion between the two it uses the fact that there are 52 weeks and 12 months in a year. i.e. Month to Week is x * 12 / 52 and Week to Month is x * 52 / 12.

The table is from £1500 pm to £200 pw.

per Week per Month
£ 357.14 £ 1,500.00
£ 360.00 £ 1,512.00
£ 345.24 £ 1,450.00
£ 340.00 £ 1,428.00
£ 333.33 £ 1,400.00
£ 321.43 £ 1,350.00
£ 320.00 £ 1,344.00
£ 309.52 £ 1,300.00
£ 300.00 £ 1,260.00
£ 297.62

This needs to be written as a web service.

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System

The Nullsoft Scriptable Install System is an installer tool. I used it for my Perils of Branwen mod


These notes were written at the time I published my Perils of Branwen mod. It’s been lying around my home network systems for a while and I want to publish it so that others can use it, it is no longer held only on my disk systems, and to say thank you to those who helped me. It was written as a blog, and so the tense construction and chattiness reads oddly four years later. Hope its useful. This was copied accross to this wiki in JUne 2013. Continue reading “Nullsoft Scriptable Install System”