Amazon Web Services

I created this article in 2011, it was copied across to the wordpress wiki in the summer of 2013, and then amended in November 2013. I returned to it in Feb 2015, to document my adventures with wordpress. This article talks about Launching, Amazon Storage, console access, Fedora, Ubuntu, Hadoop, Essential Services, ddclient, zabbix, java, VNC, Links, and Futures in that order, with WordPress added in 2015. Some of the older sections are now both out of date and wrong.

Originally I needed to get an AMI up and running to host a previous version of this wiki. I remain most proficient using Ubuntu and it is¬†significantly¬†easier to install planet venus and redland rdf using Ubuntu’s package manager which were also required. I also experimented with Hadoop and VNC. In November 2013, I needed a WordPress host, but eventually went with 1and1. In 2015, my employer needed a wordpress host and so I returned to AWS. Continue reading “Amazon Web Services”