The capital of Hungary


This page was created after my second visit which was with some friends. ( A stag night in fact). The first was a business visit in 2009, and the picture above was taken then, all my Budapest pictures on flickr are in this set.

April 2010

I blogged about the journey in a series of articles called

  • Back Home in London which talks about the journey home, getting to Budapest Ferihegy Airport, where there are now 4 lounges, and dealing with a schengen-nonschengen journey at Zurich. Ferihegy is a small airport and only those airlines with a lot of flights Malev & Lufthansa have automated machines and permanently manned kiosks. SWISS opened theirs two hours before take off and so you can’t get airside ’till then.
  • Memento Park, they’ve moved many of the public statues from the Communist era to this park. See also my pictures @ flickr
  • A not so long way home talks about what we did.
  • A place to lay my head, which is mainly about the journey, talks about the three airports, see LCY, where AMEX don’t do HUFs, at Zurich, SWISS now let Priority Pass members use their business lounge with an hour’s free Wifi and wired connected machines as well. At Budapest, it talks about money exchange and ground transport. I used the Airport Shuttle bus, which was easy, cheaper than a taxi and saved having to navigate the public transport routes. It looks like the planes used by LCY operators can’t get that far and so your choice of carrier determines where you change planes. I considered flying to Vienna and then using the train, but this wouldn’t have saved me a change, but would have put me in the middle of Budapest which would shorten the taxi ride.
  • I have posted some of my pictures to Flickr


They use the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Yahoo converts CHF:GBP here…. They take Euros nearly everywhere, not sure about the exchange rate you get. For a rate you can also use the Currency Converter by, the Currency Site, and there are now plenty of apps for the iphone and other smart phones.

Things to do

  • Shooting
  • Sightseeing
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Bathing

This is appallingly incomplete, I’ll update it n ext time I plan a trip.


The Bristol that we used had european plugs and free public wifi. Le Meridien is very central and has an interesting history, but is usually more expensive than I want to pay. I wonder what a bit of notice does.

My Map

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London City Airport (LCY)

It’s been a long time since I updated this page. I tried to travel to Copenhagen last week and couldn’t find a flight. On myt return I looked up all destinations and found this page, which lists them all. It seems I could have traveled to Hamburg and then by train, I looked, maybe they were full since BA only do two flights a day and weekdays at that. 24 Oct 2014 Continue reading “London City Airport (LCY)”