Shell Scripting on Windows

I want to write bash scripts to be emulated using cygwin. This has a problem in that XP uses spaces in its file folder hierarchies and the environment variable initialisation process isn’t good enough. This is actually a snip on writing shell script using cygwin. The virtual boix commands are just the use case which led to me doing the research. Continue reading “Shell Scripting on Windows”

Microsoft RDP & Virtual Box

At some point Virtual Box came with RDP as part of the set up and its allegedly faster than VNC. I want to connect my ipodtouch to my PC’s using Mocha’s RDP Lite.


I have a windows 7 beta VM. (See my Sun blog.) Initially I couldn’t connect using Ipod or the Alienware.

I am now connected using the Alienware and the Microsoft client. The Host is XP Home Edition, SP/3 with a W7 VM hosted in VB 2.2.4, networking = bridged, port = !3389, with the NULL authentication libraries. NB the port is not available on the internet. It does not work with external authentication, and the manual suggests that guest is experimental.

Perry says I need to have the VRDPAuth.dll library in a folder that is pointed to by the %PATH variable. This page at explains how to do it.

I don’t know if port 3389 will work or not because of the order of the testing, but the Mochasoft Client is still not working. They have a FAQ. I can’t get it to work on the EDGE either. Mochasoft suggest an incompatibility or a firewall as the problem. So

  • fix the authentication problems and turn it on
  • sort out the mochasoft problems

What didn’t work!

I had assumed that the initial failures were due to the failure to present the RDP port to the LAN and I tried to map the VM port to the real port. My VM was a NAT machine. I wrote about port mapping on my blog when I exposed apache to my network. I need to port the script, maybe now is the time to wrap it in TCL. The Virtual Box 2.1.4 manual discusses port forwarding in Section 6.1.4. This fails. The W7 image fails to boot; using [gs]etextradata to map port 3389 from the guest to the host causes the VM to fail to boot. I have amended the VM config to chnage the port as suggested by this thread at and this blog at I still get “your remote session has ended”. PerryG says you must use bridged networking.


N.B. The Virtual Box manual is the first port of call. Otherwise these might be usefull.




I have holidayed in Greece on many occasions, on packages and latterly with Sunsail.


eur500Greece now use the Euro (EUR). Yahoo converts EUR:GBP here…, and the Currency Converter by, the Currency Site. is also available – 1.24 EUR:1 GBP 22 May ’08


I fancy a trip to Athens Jan 2010. The rough guide suggests,

View NW Greece in a larger map

Beach & Hotel

I am looking for swimming as good as Stoupa with a hotel so we don’t have to do self catering.

Return to Ithica

I am returning in 2009. The flight is early, which means that we need to get there before the first train from Guildford. Sleeping in airport lounges is no longer my idea of fun, I have opened a London Gatwick snip to register my links.

I need to go shopping for some stuff.

Sailing in the Ionian

I sailed in the Ionian with Sunsail. They run several routes/flotilla’s from their base in Vounaki, in NW Greece. I traveled with them in the second week of June and it was beginning to get a bit busy. I wouldn’t want to go later in the season, when its also a lot hotter. 16th June 2008

I travelled to Gatwick by train, which was a pain in the neck on the way home as we were very late.

Preveza (PVK) airport is small and similar to many of the Greek airports. Don’t take pictures. It has a cafe on both sides of security, but its very expensive, and a tax free shop, if you need it. Otherwise take water, food and books on the return journey; charter flights are often delayed, and were in my case. 16th June 200

Sunsail publish an itinerary map on the web, and I sailed for a week on an Odyssey 32, on the Kalamos flotilla route. This was rigged as a cruiser which was easy to use with our light handed crew. It also had a car power socket aka cigarette lighter socket which I used to re-charge my phone. It has continental power sockets, but we had no shore power lines and so could not use them. It had a cd/radio machine.

I will buy and take a parallel ruler and chart-plotter next time. They lent us a copy of Ionian by Rod Heikell, which we used as our almanac, I may get a copy of this to plan my next holiday.

Vodafone’s coverage was excellent throughout.

I wonder if the boats have UK eletrical sockets, or if I shall need the car charger.

I have tried to emulate the route on google maps, but Google seem to be missing maps of large parts of Greece. Lefkas seems to have been updated. May 2009

View Larger Map

I have bought the Rough Guides, 4th edition, June 2006

I used an ATM in Paleros, which is just north of Sunsail’s Vounaki base. 2006~~

Sunsail run flotillas in the Aegan including the Milinia Flotilla, which includes a stop at Skiathos, and the Cyclades 43 I saw at Vounaki looked pretty swish.

Danny is returning to the Ionian in May 2009 and on the way out will fly to Corfu, stay overnight in Corfu and then catch a ferry to Lefkas. While researching my 2009 trip, I discovered that Igoumenitsa is the important entry port from Italy, so maybe another time. NB There are ferries from Venice.

Island Hopping

An article from Fodors suggesting an Aegan route using the “Flying Dolphins”.

General Facts

Here are some web sites with general facts about the place.

and the Ionian Islands


Not just for file sharing, but also supports printing and name services. I now make it part of my standard Linux builds within Virtual Box. I can then use VB shared folders or the host OS virtual file systems. (Is this true for Mac OS? Need to test it).


Some useful links,


The 5.2 Centos Deployment guide has a Chapter on SAMBA


Snipsnap & Ubuntu

Install Snipsnap

I decided to test an install of Snipsnap on my favourite Linux. I am using Ubuntu 9.0

  1. Download the tar from
  2. Make a user, with a home directory,
  3. Unpack the tar contents into the home directory
  4. Install Java 5 both JRE and JDK, use synaptic, now you have to go to the Oracle old distros page
  5. Get and unpack my utilities into $HOME/bin, this needs to be uploaded here
  6. Create a ./mkenv script that sets JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun <- Ubuntu specific, I think snipsnap needs Java 1.5, I should test 6 on Ubuntu again but I have failed this test once

The login script is currently set to /bin/false. Lets see if we can build a snipsnap instance, I need to

  1. Run
  2. Fix the apache conf file to redirect the port.
  3. Test the utilities, I know that will need some tarting about.

I had to change the login shell from /bin/false, couldn’t get programs to run as the snipsnap admin user. I should have another look at this. Need to version control snipsnap manager.

Installing the rc files

I have an rc script, but most stuff I insert has post install triggers, and since I am not using a package to do this, I need to work out how to install the scripts into the rc directories. I have not done this for Ubuntu before. The following links are/maybe useful

The program update-rc.d does the job.



I created a mirror for my critical snipsnap files here…

My package copies are hosted here


I decided to upload the current copy of my utilities for managing snipsnap; it should make bring it online easier

  •  snipsnap-scripts-dfl20100822.tar.gz 8Kb ….. Download…


I checked in July 2010, as I was looking at porting my Snipsnap due to the Qube’s final failure and found that my archives were corrupt, and the had gone. Leo has promised to restore it. I have uploaded a .tar. I’ll compress it and reload the .tgz later today. The .tar is 22 Mb so I obviously didn’t get it right when I uploaded the two files in March 2009. Bit Torrent will have to wait until I have a new web server and then only if I can find some other (people’s) servers to act as peers. 29 Jul 2010.

I have had the subversion pages pointed out to me and uploaded the HTMLMacro page. This page now points at the original source as well as hosting my tarballs and now HTML Macro, which is the only user contributed code I currently use. 7th July 2009

Comments and size amended, comments about the original locations added. I should add HTMLMacro.jar to this page as well. 24 March 2009

I went back today and still can’t find it. So I have uploaded a .tgz file I had lying around and I am adding a share this button on this page. I haven’t a clue why the sizes are so different, if you’re lucky I’ll investigate and document it. I might also upload .torrent file when I work out how. For now, I’d recommend the larger file. 20 Mar 2009.

The Ubuntu forums were hacked earlier this week, and are currently unavailable. 26 July 2013

I copied part of my static snipsnap mirror to this page, when I created it from the roginal on the snipsnap bliki in July 2013. 26 July 2013

NWN Playing a Wizard

Some notes on Playing a Mage in the NWN Official Campaign. I made her an Evoker. An extra spell per level, but you lose “Summoning”. I have never played a wizard under wither V2 or V3 rules, and it’s really changed. I need to check up on the offence, defence, buffing, protection and counterspells. About the specialisation, despite losing summoning, neither Shades nor Mordenkian’s Sword are summoned, it would seem. This article contains broken Bioware links. Continue reading “NWN Playing a Wizard”