Off to Bristol, for the University of Bristol OSUM ‘Hackathon’.

I decided to visit friends at the same time and stayed am staying at the Hotel Mercure Brigstow in the city centre. The area seems lively with a large choice of restaurants and pubs which might be best booked in advance on a Saturday night, especially later in the year. I visited in March.

None of the city centre hotel in my and Sun’s price list have car parks, so NCP win out again. Many of the streets seem restricted as well, including the University although parking is free at the University on Sunday.

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Implementing a DHCP Client with BT Home Hub 2.0

The BT Home Hub supports dynamic and static i.e. file IP acquisition strategies for networked systems. It also permits the “fixing” of addresses to a dynamic client.

I have implemented dynamic but fixed addresses on my three servers.  So note, we now have dynamic, fixed and static addresses. One needs to be clear when asking for help.

This was written about 2009 and is outdated. Continue reading “Implementing a DHCP Client with BT Home Hub 2.0”

Vienna & Hotels

Travelling to Vienna

I need to stay in Vienna at some time over the summer. Here are some hotel web sites, I’ve found with the help of The Rough Guide. These first few are all in the town centre.


  • The Konig von Ungarn is well reviewed here… and here…, which makes it seem very attractive. It is very centrally located. (See here….) (T) +431 515 84-0. We actually stayed here in 2006, its excellent, as its restaurant, the people were great and we got a two room suite, for the family which is very hard to find in capital cities.
  • The Hotel Austria web page uses CSS to deliver English Language, doesn’t look that great, but need to check why I put it on my list, probably location, maybe history.
  • Pension Aviano, off Kartnerstrasse, part of a chain, building looks good. Restaurant? – The Hotel Mailbergerhof is also very well located but likely to be more expensive than the Konig von Ungarn. It’s described in the guide as the most baroque hotel in Vienna. I’ve been quoted under 200 Euros/room Early Summer 2006.
  • The Hotel Sacher is one of the big three luxurious imperial hotels. Reviewed in the Guardian and the Guide. Pretty expensive, probably more than I want to pay for two rooms.
  • The Radisson SAS Palais looks quite good since its located in what were once two palaces. Its on Ringstrasse, so we should check it out, maybe drinkies in the lounge.

Two other places to consider are

  • The Sacher Apartments for which I have a Google list but these are flats i.e. accomodation only.
  • The Art Hotel, Vienna which used to be called the Golden Tulip (not good) and is three stars and out side the Ringstrasse. Not sure if this is part of the Art’otel chain we stayed in Berlin.

Gill provided us with a Hotel Review of the Hotel Das Triest, which was not the most complementary about the Hotel or Vienna, but that’s their problem. We’re not using that hotel and are still looking forward to Vienna’s old world charms. The review mentioned the restaurant in the Modern Art Museum (MAK) at Steubenring 5 and the famous American Bar, otherwise known as the Loos Bar. Described in the review as a tiny shrine to Art Nouveau with masses…of classic cocktails.


Things to Do

  • We ought to be able to listen to some Mozart, Beethoven or Strauss
  • Wonder what’s on at the Opera?
  • Need to take in some Art, either the the MAK or to check out Klimt’s legacy this site bears reading.
  • The spanish riding school (Training not the show), in the Hofburg
  • The Hofburg, Belvedere & Schonbrun
  • The Johan Strauss Museum
  • Cocktails in the Loos Bar or the Radisson Palais on Ringstrasse.
  • Tram ride on the Ring
  • 3rd Man walk
  • Walk around the Innere Stadt
  • Trip out to the Ferris wheel
  • Trip out to the Heurigen

The IUSY Headquarters is in Vienna.



I have been using Pidgin as a multi-protocol client for my instant messenger services since about 2008. The contents of this page originally relate to problems I was having with pidgin on a windows system. It was written in the Autumn of 2008 and both windows and pidgin have had many new releases or updates since then. I can’t imagine that it remains of much use. i.e. this page is out of date and not very useful now. I recognised on copying the page from its source that the page required amendment so in Dec 2014, I needed to document the installation of themes I moved the 2008 content to the comments section.


In 2014, as we had moved on from Windows XP, the theme management features of Pidgin became attractive to allow it to fit in more easily.

One approach is to edit the GTK preferences, document on this page,

and/or to install new bubbles and smilies from

One needs to be careful how one unpacks these, the themes need to have the correct name hierarchy, i.e. %appdata%\.purple\themes\${Theme Name}\purple\*, some installation techniques may leave one with the theme name reepated twice.

Protocol Helpers

Lync & TRM need SIPE, available at, when installing this using the NSIS installer, this worked fine, as you’d expect since there’s little google evidence that it doesn’t.

Skype needs its own plugin



Having posted my copy of the snipsnap .tgz package and thinking about a presentation I was planing to do on privacy and copy right I began to investigate Bittorrent. The Pirate Bay trial is going on at the moment and the peer-to-peer nature of bt appeals to many libertarians.

I have downloaded and installed Bit Torrent from the, downloads page.

I tested it using Open Office which has a bit torrent distribution page. This has downloaded and seeded. I need to check if it requires firewall configuration to participate in a feed.

Ubuntu has both bittorrent and bittornado as packages.

Other Links

To Do

Can I install a version on Linux, can I make my qube a seed server, or even

It looks fairly simple to create the .torrent file. I expect I can use my web version as the internet seed and a public tracker

What are my Firewall implications?