London Heathrow (LHR)


Google Map is here. Oct 2014.

What time does the the bus shuttle run from what was known as the APCOA long term car parks for T1-4 at London Heathrow.

You’d think that this… would help but Parking Express are trying to sell a different service.

So at at 11th Feb 2008, the buses run from 05:00 to 23:00 between the Airport Terminals 1-4 and the Apcoa Long Stay car park.

The T3 bus stop to return to the Long Term Car Park is No 17. N.B. There are two stands on different sides of the arrivals reception.

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Hand Baggage

On the 6th May 2008 the BAA Heathrow Site page documents the hand baggage rules at BAA airports. I can’t link there directly, they have a portal that uses the double _ symbol, which snipsnap interprets as a bold symbol. However, you can take two hand baggage items through security today. i.e. one bag and one brief/computer case.

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Public Transport to Heathrow

SpeedLink, Bus from Woking is 30 minutes Train : from Liphook to Woking is between 35 and 50 minutes, so important to check the timetable at The bus to the station is about 22 minutes but the connection needs to be checked. Now publicised on

This makes between 1:45 and 1:30 depending on the number of stops between Liphook and Woking plus connection times.

NWN Rolgan’s Trial

Rolgan’s Trial is a quest in the Neverwinter Nights Official Campaign. This text is mainly taken from cheat-da-game.

This is a real tricky quest, and I haven’t been able to complete it perfectly, though I have tried very hard, I’m pretty sure there is no way to complete it perfectly.

He was wrong, and discovered so below. You get this quest in the Temple of Tyr, where you learn about the fate of Rolgan, a man who killed one of the army’s soldiers. Your job is to represent him, and prove that he is innocent. Continue reading “NWN Rolgan’s Trial”

NWN Playing a Paladin

This article has links to the Bioware forums which are now broken. See BiowareCommunity Forums V1.It is the notes a made when running through the game the first time. I chose a Paladin and took some bad advice. I am really not sure about running the first four levels as a fighter to get the bastard sword proficiency. The Paladin is not as tasty as I expected from V1 rules. (See below).

This needs the full size images uploaded. Continue reading “NWN Playing a Paladin”

The Last Inn

This is a NWN community written module. I downloaded this and have tried to play it twice with a pre-made wizard character. In both games after a time, all the NPC’s in the village turn hostile, won’t talk and can’t be damaged. You can’t get the next quest hints. I may try and carry on, to see if this is a hint that you shouldn’t be returning to the village, but maybe not. Continue reading “The Last Inn”

Romance Guide for BG1NPC project

“BG1 NPC Project” Romance Guide

I made this for Domi and posted it on the sbipsnap bliki, as Version 1 while it was being reviewed.

It can be viewed using a browser at “BG1 NPC Project” Romance Guide [html], and is also available for download, see below.

The BG1 NPC Project Romance Guide (HTML) .zip…. for Download