In Baldur’s Gate 2, there are specific quests related to the interaction between you (the protagonist) and certain individual party members. One of the candidates as an object of your affection is Jaheira, who you first met in part one, Baldur’s Gate. My Jaheira FAQ was originally written in April 2002 and revised in Sept 2004 and then again in Jan 2005 when it was moved to davelevy.info. I decided in 2007 to move the content to this wiki and delete the index at davelevy.info. It has been revised for look and feel in the winter of 2014/15 as I moved to the Nulis theme. The links section is going to be pretty broken by now. DFL 2014

This page has several sections; Lennon’s Hints, Poking the Game, Q & A, I’m in a hurry aka Read me first, Some Links, Background and playing hints.

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I need to travel to Lyon on business


France uses the Euro (EUR). Yahoo converts EUR:GBP here…, and the Currency Converter by OANDA.com, the Currency Site. is also available – 1.24 EUR:1 GBP 22 May ’08


Itinerary Nov 2008

  • Hotel La Pyramide, 14, boulevard Fernand Point,38200 Vienne, France
  • Cité Internationale, 50, quai Charles de Gaulle, 69463 Lyon Cedex 06, Lyons
  • Hotel Mercure, 12, Boulevard du Maréchal Joffre, 38000 Grenoble, France


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Sony v600i

Basically almost back to where I was with my previous Nokia, so now its time to try and make progress.

About the Phone

I have found club sonyericsson, a community site so lets see if they can help. The have a specific thread about the V600i, which states that it is a badge engineered K600.

Hands Free & Voice Control

I posted a question to Civic Type-R owners about hands free in the car. I discovered that voice controled dialing with bluetooth requires the correct earpiece or it doesn’t work.

Instant Messenger

I have logged into this, but can’t see how to browse my community. I rang Vodafone who claim to know nothing. This is why I have found the club sonyericsson site. Lets see if they can help.

I spoke to Olaf Schnapauff, who said he reckoned it was a closed community and that you’d need a gateway to have it participate in my multi-protocol community. He recommended looking at Yamigo and Shape. The first offers the software for free (I think) and the second doesn’t.

Luis Camino at club sonyericsson started a thread re MSN Messenger Client.


I have just tuned the radio into BBC Radio 1,2,3,4, 86.4 the Eagle aka Radio Guildford and Classic FM. I need to discover if and how to tune into Radio 5 & 7, on non-FM channels. Can this be done?

Mailing Flickr

Another thing that ought to work, but seems not to. Flickr needs mail, not MMS and the phone’s mail client doesn’t seem to have a attach function. Bother!

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Sony K610i

I have replaced my V600i mobile phone with a K610i from Vodafone.

Vodafone remains my network provider and we’ll see how useful, clubsonyerisson remains over time.

Sony Ericsson have published an official K610i Support Page and have published their version of the user manual on their support site. They also have a developer site.

Web Browser

I wanted to avoid downloading files to use while on the road. I created among other pages a page with a google map of New Cross. I set up web pages at http://davelevy.info to point at this page and the original;google map. Unfortunately the browser on the phone won’t take the map because of its size and the bliki page probably because of the iframe. Some experiments in writing, or nor, mobile opitimised web pages. This didn’t work well.


When configuring an e-mail account for use with vodafone.net, the user name needs to known but does not include the @vodafone.net string.  I have just discovered that the e-mail client will connect to more than one IMAP server, but it seems that it’ll only mail out (SMTP) using my network providers account.

3G Data Services

I finally configured the laptop to use the mobile as a modem using 3G. This is quite simple really. It is written up in detail on my blog, one of the laptop diaries series, onto the internet with 3G. After using an alternative XP build, I revised the instructions in an article called More Bluetooth on my blog. The process is

  • Add a bluetooth modem device.
  • Add a dial up agent and mount it on the modem

If using the Windows XP bluetooth drivers, you must use the following code instead of a phone number


The number 3 has to agree with the position of ‘contract internet’ in the ‘Data Accounts’ list, which can be found in the Data comm menu, in the Connectivity menu, in Settings. I assume this piece of the configuration is specific to the vodafone implementation of the software.

If using the Toshiba drivers the default phone number works.

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I got this working the other week, with my workplace calendar. It is a Sun iplanet calender server, or whatever we’re calling today. Truly useful, but its only bi-directional. I need to see if one can set the privacy flag on the phone client, otherwise my work colleagues might be finding out more about my life than they want.

There are some syntactic issues around All Day events. They don’t seem to count the day as the same set of minutes.

There are some issues on repeated events.

It seems that placing a reminder on the phone event copies back to the server and both alerts i.e. the server default action occur. This needs further testing.

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RSS Reader

This doesn’t seem to be working, which is a nuisance. I have written up the state of my findings at this thread at clubsonyericsson. It looks to me like Sun & Vodafone have disabled the RSS Reader. It’s Vodafone, they obviously don’t want all that RSS running over their lovely network.

Good things

The screen might be a tiny bit bigger, I am not sure, but many displays now use a larger font.

The buttons are not so close together, nor so violently bevelled. The are thus easier for larger hands.

It makes phone calls.

Bad things

Speaker is poor and drains the battery.

Norton Anti-Virus

For various reasons, I use Norton AV, now owned and distributed by Symantec.


One of my computers has been infected by a virus propagated by that famous spam peitre dish, Microsoft Messenger. So how to clean it up. For some reason, Norton seemed to miss it.

What I did!

Fortunately, one of our correspondents was able to tell me that AVG described the virus as named BackDoor.Generic9.pew. Norton seem to name it as Trojan. Neither Google nor Symantec seem to recognise the name easily.

On booting the system, and logging in, Symantec was discovering the virus, but not successfully quarantining it. Liveupdate seemed to be infected. After trying a Liveupdate, the internet became unavailable, and it failed. On research it seems that it is possible to update the virus files without LiveUpdate, but not it seems without the internet, although I’ll have to find that out another time.

I entered Safe Mode and ran Norton Antivirus scan. This failed to find the virus, which I discovered when I rebooted (to unsafe mode). I then installed AVG Antivirus, using a USB stick and ran a scan, this seems to have cleaned up the system.

As it happens, I didn’t use the Dell Community Forums this time

Some important Links

Keywords: “Windows XP” virus Norton Antivirus NAV AVG trojan backdor

What’s my IP address?

Useful question, this is how I answer it on my windows systems.

Its a TCL/TK script that invokes the windows XP shell command ping.

As noted, I use an information graphic to decorate the box. This is not part of activestate’s tcl/tk distribution, and thus needs to be copied to $tklibrary/images. (See also Scripting on Windows, on this wiki.)

I am not happy with the triming of the ip address, which is displayed into the address variable using square brackets. Since these have a specific syntactical meaning, I can’t find the syntax to remove them from the string.

wm title . {Query site ip?}
wm iconname . {Query site ip?}
wm geometry . 225x65+500+100
# This is not part of the package, it needs to be copied here 
image create photo infopic -file [file join $tk_library images info.gif]

set pingreply {} 
# windows XP 
set pingreply [exec ping -n 1 davelevy.info] 
set address [ lindex $pingreply 2 ] 
# only tested on one ip address, do I need to subtract two from length 
# to remove the first and last. What is the syntax to remove leading and 
# trailing []. 

set daddress [string range $address 1 [expr [ string length $address ] - 2]]
set messagetext " public tcp/ip no : $daddress" 
set buttontext " Done "

frame .top 
frame .bottom

label .top.icon -image infopic 
frame .top.f -width 50 label .top.f.mess -text $messagetext

pack .top.f.mess -side top -fill x 
pack .top.icon .top.f -side left
button .bottom.dismiss -text $buttontext -command "exit" 
pack .bottom.dismiss pack .top .bottom

proc exit {} { destroy . }

The script can be downloaded whatsmyip.zip.

Chris advises that

set daddress [string trim $address {[]} ]

removes the brackets from the address and is obviously much neater and is character based. It implements a remove the unwanted character rule, not remove the first and last characters.