In Baldur’s Gate 2, there are specific quests related to the interaction between you (the protagonist) and certain individual party members. One of the candidates as an object of your affection is Jaheira, who you first met in part one, Baldur’s Gate. My Jaheira FAQ was originally written in April 2002 and revised in Sept 2004 and then again in Jan 2005 when it was moved to davelevy.info. I decided in 2007 to move the content to this wiki and delete the index at davelevy.info. It has been revised for look and feel in the winter of 2014/15 as I moved to the Nulis theme. The links section is going to be pretty broken by now. DFL 2014

This page has several sections; Lennon’s Hints, Poking the Game, Q & A, I’m in a hurry aka Read me first, Some Links, Background and playing hints.

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