External Disk on an XP system

This article was originally written in 2008, and was copied to this wiki in June 2013. It covers both moving XP windows directories from the internal local drive to the external disk, and some wish scripting to check the disk was on and remind people to turn it on if not already done. This article talks about the disk, filesystems, transferring the data, and writing some tcl/tk scripts including an motd to manage the remote “My Documents” folder. I changed the title from “External Disk on the Dell” since I had re-purposed the disk by 2013. Continue reading “External Disk on an XP system”

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From the blog article dated 8 Sep 2009… also repeated on Developing Snipsnap

Also see my Add This page. This was the name in the bliki, but I used both share and add this in the side bar.


This page was originally set up when considering putting a personal LDAP server on the web. This didn’t happen, but the problem of having one address book permanently available still needs to be solved. I got as far as starting a server, although it seems I need root user privilege. None of the vendors help; they want this data private to them, and to create stickiness to them. I amended the page significantly in July 2013, when I copied it across to this wordpress wiki. I fixed the linkroll in March 2014 as I expect to want to install a server as part of my pump.io project. Continue reading “OpenLDAP”

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I created this page to test scripts published by http://addthis.com. It was originally created on the Qube. See below, Early Experiments for what I wrote at the time, all probably useless now. I have installed their widget and so even lower down on this page, after the article , are add this’s sharing buttons. I returned to the issues they answer in Feb 2015. It should be noted that at that time on the blog I use custom code implemented in the child theme, since I moved to Nulis I am using a vanilla implementation of Add This, on the wiki. Continue reading “Add This”