Ninafer, a BG1 mod

The Ninafer mod for BG1 was hosted at the “Chosen of Mystra”.  She is a Lawful Neutral, female fighter-mage and has been developed in the spirit of the One-Day NPCs. I played using her in one of my BG1 runs but in 2014, I found that her installation files seem to have disappeared from the internet. I have uploaded my disk copy to this page. The best I can offer is this zip file, called, it contains a setup.exe the .tp2 file and the supporting folder. Continue reading “Ninafer, a BG1 mod”

Second Life

Is this the future collaboration platform for the Internet, or another amazing waste of time.


This was a very sparsly occupied page, documenting laptop problems. I recreated this page on 23 July 2013 and I realise that this is no longer on my work’s laptop. I returned to this in December 2016 when considering using it as a platform for making videos since Xtranormal went tits up.

Much of my original engagement was through my then employer’s i.e. Sun Microsystems investment, resources and rooms. The were experimenting with using it as a marketing resource.

I developed an avatar, but Oracle have shit canned the Sun second life environment and I havn’t logged in since. Wonder if it’s still there?

My History

This hyperlink should find what I wrote on my old sun blog, now here,

And here is the client download page




RYA Day Skipper

I have been down to Poole, the nine days ending 1st July.

The company Moonfleet Sailing offer a nine day combined theory and practical course for the RYA Day Skipper. This offers a weekend in the class room, five days and nights on one of their yachts for the practical and the following weekend to finish the theory and take the exam.

If the travel distance prohibits a return home, one needs to arrange accommodation for the first Saturday and the second Friday/Saturday, although I was able to return home for Friday evening without too much trouble. They recommend several B&Bs but I stayed in the Arndale Court Hotel, where the service and welcome was very friendly and the rooms both large and comfortable.

We sailed from Poole to the Folly Inn, on the Isle of Wight and then sailed on to Chichester Harbour. We returned to Portsmouth and from their made a dash back to Poole against the wind, which was fun. We arrived back in Poole very late and discovered that Imran’s Tandoori Takeaway delivers to the Marina. i.e. Cobbs Quay Marina in Hamworthy, Poole.

I have put my pictures of the week up on my page at flickr, and put them in a set called South Coast Sailing. I hope you enjoy them.

I used Plazes to record my journey using the phone/sms interface and adjusting the locations later.

I also recorded my adventures on the then Sun, now Oracle blog, here is a search on the term RYA.



Honda Radios

Responding to the Code prompt.

Honda Radios have a protection code. They hold this in a volatile RAM i.e. it needs power to retain this information and it loses the code when changing the battery unless you follow Digger’s advice.

Less driven people will need to find the code and use the preset number buttons to enter the code. The following sites will help. The Honda Civic Type-R owners site who have a thread called Radio Code Help, although you may need to login in to read it. I also found Edmund’s Car Space helpful.

See also google:honda radio code

Obviously not the only people to suffer from this problem.

The code is issued on a white card, which is often located in the glove compartment or best kept with the car’s documentation and manuals.

Edit 26 Jun 20007 A friend, i.e. Mike Ramchand claims to have traded his car in order to avoid buying a new code, although it was a Peugot, not a Honda.


I think I was experimenting with passing the tags to technorati, which is why the code below exists.

experimental tags: <a rel=”tag” href=””>”Honda Radio”</a>

well that didn’t work, I’ll have to check up the snip snap syntax page,

Bye Bye to Snipsnap

In June 2007, at it was announced that the original authors and team the created and supported Snipsnap were ceasing work on it. Some community users proposed to move the code here… at

Where to get it?

It would seem that the Frauenhofer ftp sites no longer supports the download of the java library files. They were linked to at’s download page. The source forge pages point at the Frauenhofer site, so I have uploaded my copies of Snipsnap V1.0b3, Uttoxeter to a page on my static site,

Snipsnap was originally published as GPL, see

A new home for

Frauenhofertook down, but when Leo found out he got the files and restored the Site.


Getting There

Fly with BA from Gatwick, not Heathrow. Ryanair goes from Bournmouth Airport, but nor every day. Both these arrive in Pisa, from which one can catch a train or bus. 2007

Things To Do

Art, Architecture, Gardens, Food & Drink.

The centre of Florence is the Piazza del Duomo, the location of the famous Duomo and its bell tower, the Campanile. To the south of the Duomo is the Uffizi and the Bargello (part of the eastern district in the Rough Guide). They are two of the finest art galleries in Europe; the latter having a fine sculpture collection. Tickets for Florentine Museums can be booked online. It is next door to the Pallazo Vecchio, the republican town hall.

North of the Duomo is the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi and the Giardino dei Semplici (translated by Google). The latter has restricted opening times and at the backend of the week during the summer is open mornings only ’till 13:00.

On the other side of the river, there is another Garden, the Giardino Boboli as well as some more fine Palaces and the Plazza Santo Spirito, which has is surrounded by Cafes & Bars. The Modern Art Gallery is at the Pitti Palace in the Oltrarno.

Where to Stay

I shortlisted my hotel choices on (hotel+Florence).

I went with the family, and took these pictures. Here is a link to Colin’s Panorama from the top of the Duomo.


NWN Class Builds

This was last updated in 2007 in what was an unsuccessful attempt to re-ignite my interest in the game. It failed and I left it alone for a number of years. This snip originally collected some resources aimed at helping people take their characters through to level 40. These were mainly Bioware Community Resources and so are no longer easily available. The Epic Guilds recreated themselves at a new site. I need to rescue the links below, and what follows is the original content, now at least 7 years old. Dave July 2013 Continue reading “NWN Class Builds”