1and 1 News Letter tool

I have started to use 1and1’s newsletter tool. It comes with my package. I using it because I need to send to more than 100 people/blast. Here’s some do’s and don’ts and some gotchas.

The four stages are, compose, select recipients, test, and send!

The default (free) is constrained to 100 targets. I have upgraded the contract , £10.00 p.m.

The recipient list consists of target i.e. email, first name, last name.

It looks like they’ll keep the image base.

It looks like I’ll have to delete the last list and insert the new one for each mail, since like my alternative (nation builder) it won’t do deletions from a list. (I should try and work out how to merge contacts on Nation Builder.)

It does look like it will reject duplicates, let’s hope it places them in both groups.

I need to get the legals and the unsubscribe right.

I need to set up a reply address. I should have the other site’s email point at the new email address.

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