Fedora 20

I need another Red Hat look alike and chose Fedora. My target is Virtual Box on Windows 8.1.

So remember,

  1. Install from Live CD, reboot
  2. yum install dkms binutils gcc make patch
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.uk names and nominet

Nominet UK is the top level registrar of internet domain names in the UK. This is its home page. Here’s its wikipedia page. It also has a whois query page.  … » Read more …

refreshing davelevy.info

davelevy.info is getting a bit tired, I fancy refreshing it

Elegant Themes, who charge, have a theme called Divi which looks great, and so I went to look at the codex   … » Read more …

Featured images in wordpress

My current theme for the blog is not so good when the included text is not as deep as the featured picture. While not having a featured picture is OK for a   … » Read more …

The Road to NWN2

This is now an old game but I need to move on to it, maybe to complete the circle and go back to BG2 in the Aurora engine.

This is the bioware   … » Read more …

W8 Virtual Memory

There seems to be a common fault with W8.x, it generates memory warnings well before any reasonable memory usage.

“Close Programs to Prevent Information Loss”

The error message has a bunch of   … » Read more …

Rendering RSS on my blog or wiki

I have today installed JP’s Get RSS Feed, a wordpress plugin. I shall be using this to replace my delicious linkrolls using the delicious rss location.


See also my   … » Read more …

Musings on O356

So work is pushing me to Office 365; it wouldn’t surprise me if the next home system does so too. I have decided to see if W7 and a more modern hardware   … » Read more …

Yvette Cooper at Demos

The challenges of a Digital World to our Security and Liberty – Yvette Cooper speech to Demos

This source is labeld check against delivery.

Yvette Cooper speech to Demos in March 2014   … » Read more …

Using EXIF on my home IT

I need to write a script that installs author and copyright facts into my pictures.

The EXIF libraries are what I need.

http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/ is the basic tool with Command Line Interface

I   … » Read more …