SPARQL on WordPress


For various reasons needed to look at SPARQL again. What’s the easiest way to put it up?, Here! I’ve installed LH Tools and have a SPARQL endpoint and query panel installed. It’s currently here, but I reserve the right to integrate it into my look and feel here. The site has an rdf feed which is what it uses as the query target, need to check if the link record its there.

Zhjaeve Unveiled


In the early parts of Act III of NWN2, Zhjaeve seems to be pretty necessary. Also since she’s the only Cleric offered, pretty useful, although the ‘coming to’ of otherwise dead party members, reduces the necessity of the Cleric and it’s free Heals and combat cure wounds that they become useful.  The forgotten realms wiki has an article on her here… Her stats are discussed here… at nwn2 wikia where they note that her strength makes her a poor 2nd line fighter. A mod has been built that allows her avatar to be armoured, the default is not. Continue reading “Zhjaeve Unveiled”



How awesome is this! Excel =INDEX, is a matrix retrieve i.e. =INDEX(array, row, col) retrieves an entry from the two dimensional array. If we combine this with MATCH which returns a row number we can use these functions instead of =VLOOKUP, its allegedly faster too. MATCH operates on a column or linguistically a list. Continue reading “VLOOKUP vs INDEX ( MATCH)”



While installing docker, I decided I needed to write some notifications to ensure the configuration works. See Docker. I started with a TCL/TK script, which these days looks a bit old school, and writing the packer was (& remains) difficult. Virtualbox reports its status on Ubuntu via a very pretty interface, prettier than Apple script anyway, so I thought I’d have a lock. Continue reading “notify-send”

My little mail server


What a pile of poo! I have access to four smtp servers and they all have limits on the distribution list size! (They are all about the same size of 100). Google will allow 2000 per list but only if you use one of their clients. Let’s try and bring up an SMTP server, connect it to DNS, and then send them myself. Sounds like a job for AWS. Continue reading “My little mail server”

Planet, mingle & wordpress


While developing the new web site, I had a look at how my mingle was organised. The current regime has a conversion rules file for each output format and one for HTML. I need to incorporate the HTML output in a wordpress page and also apply the wordpress style rules to the HTML. I solved this problem by generating three html files, a feed, a source key and an output format key and then including them in the host page. Continue reading “Planet, mingle & wordpress”